Epic Fantacea #21 Relations  

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Epic Fantacea #21 Relations

Relations were tense and emotions were high. The Elven man-o-war, the Ellen Dhura had been home to prince Khalamdar and his contingent nestled amongst four times as many humans, as the ship's crew was composed of a mixture of Port Aliz navy regulars, and Admiral Clovis's pirates.
Over many days time Justarius and Orlokx were finally speaking. Orlokx, however, seldomly spoke.
Now and then he would discuss secretive things with the sage, Ian Emyu. When he did converse with Justarius, the only other person on the ship he did speak with, the conversations were short and awkward.
Admiral Clovis and his men did not trust the elves, and the elves despised the human majority crew with half-breeds and speciel mutts.
Nychademous, Iillian, and Justarius spent quite a bit of time together, but more and more often, Nychademous and Iillian would retire to one of their respective cabins, to be alone with each other. Over time the two sad youths had together become a couple strong enough and determined enough to overcome anything as long as they had each other.
(Justarius the Elder, smiled to himself, remembering the embarrassing moment when he had discovered first hand, the two Lover's consumating their Love for one another. It's a detail he didn't bother to relay to the younger Justarius, and his commander.)
All of the warriors, and many of the sailors took up serveral hours a day for weapon drills. When the swords came out to play, all eyes turned to Orlokx, that ancient General and Knight Commander, as his skills with his broadsword and shield, or heavy claidheamh mor were phenomenal and his movements, despite his bulky and heavy plate, were executed with ease and precision.
At that time some of the eyes were on the supposed air guild official who called himself Feyd. Although it was expected for any elven nobility to be proficient with swordplay, Feyd seemed to be too good at it, and it seemed at times he was holding back.
Even young Futur, through his constant studies with Master Emyu, found time, with Ian's endorsement of course, to study the ways of the blade with the other men. Prince Khalamdar, did not lower himself by associating with Futur. He did not look down on the human prince so much for the simple fact that he was human, but rather that he was a young human, and young humans by typical elven prejudice were about as perfect of an example of complete ignorance and stupidity that one would ever find.
This caused Futur to feel little dejected and rather disappointed, for he had rightly felt that he could learn so much from the elven prince.
The crew, all factions of it, had really begun to accept the two Shadraki and Justarius, despite their original misgivings that aboard this ship is the very enemy...
Orlokx, on the other hand, was never quite accepted aboard the ship, simply avoided, mostly because all but a very few individuals aboard that ship knew that Orlokx could very well cut them to pieces. (That, and there was always the fact that he was cursed by a god.)
No real catastrophes or significan events happened to break the peace, and in many ways--the monotony; for several weeks they sailed, catching no sight of airships and very little sea-bound activity. The elven enchantment over the ship made its passage over and waters to be smooth and for the vessel to be invisible to all but the greatest elven mages.
Needless to say, the night the elven airship seemed to materialize out of nowhere, directly overhead, there was much confusion and panic.
The airship navigated its way to the starboard side of the Ellen Dhura and descended gracefully into the dark waters beside her, flying the flags of truce.
The young and inexperienced prepared for battle, the older and better-knowing prepared for parlay.
Gangplanks were extended and hooks from both vessels secured the vessels together.
Khalamdar, Clovis, Master Emyu, and a small contingent of well-armed elves met the boarders.
Leading the newcomers was a tall man in black robes with raven black hair, cut short, and piercing green eyes that emanated with power and confidence.
Most notably, was the scar that seemed to coil around the entirety of the man. The scar began deep within the man's hairline, stretching down and around his forhead, wrapping aroung his his head, his neck, and disappearing underneath his robes.
He strode boldly forward flanked by a red-robed Shadraki and a white-robed Shadraki. All three of the wizard-priests donned the nondescript purple baldrics signifying their stations as Great Shadraki.
Behind the welcoming party, Iillian and Nychademous gulped nervously, exchanging worried looks.
Walking behind the Shadraki boarders, were two seasoned Shadrakin Knight Commanders, their faces remaining completely passive--all grim seriousness.
The tall leader of the newcomers raised an eyebrow at Khalamdar, but acknowledged no others but the sagely, Ian Emyu.
--to be continued--

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