Epic Fantacea #18 Predestiny  

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Epic Fantacea #18 Predestiny

"So, have you figured out where this Noriova fits in to the scheme of things?"
The Diablo was parked and the sourceror, standing out in front of it, with his vampire friend simply replied, "No, not yet." He just stared out into the night, watching the turbulent waves crash into the shore.
Hours became days, days became weeks, weeks became months, and the months became a season. Senilis had become quite the mentor and teacher to Noriova, who was fast losing his traces of boyishness, and becoming much more than a well-trained baron with bouts of insanity, clear-seeing, and bizarre uncontrollable dreams.
Noriova's birthmark continued to grow in size and in the intensity of its burning pain. What had been a short couple of months ago, Noriova's right hand had been marred with a simple birthmark, no larger than a common mole, but had since grown first into a crescent, and was now a three-quarters semi-circle, and it was a great source of irritation, and sometimes agony.
With the tutelage of Senilis, Noriova grew to control his visions, and began to learn recognize the burning pain as a warning sign and an indication of things significant.
Surprisingly, Senilis was an outstanding swordsman, and began teaching Noriova, not completely a novice swordsman in his own right, a whole new style of swordfighting; an eastern style.
With exception to Jack and Justarius, each of the surviving thirty-three men (five had died in the desert crossing) had married or had been promised, awaiting for their would-be brides to become of age. They had been welcome into the village of Holm with open hearts, and these veterans acclimated quite well, to a life without bloodshed.
Jack had said his goodbyes to Justarius and Noriova in a private, jovial, and somewhat ritualistic fashion. There was plenty of shoulder-slapping, joking, and laughing. A few pints and a pipe filled with some local weeds were passed shared amongst the good friends.
Noriova informed Jack that his eyepatch was over the wrong eye. "So it is," said Jack, shrugging his shoulders and nonchalantly placing it over the "correct" eye.
Jack was to head south to Syn, promising Noriova he would check in on Norvis Syr, Noriova's former barony, on his way.
Justarius stood by his commander and friend, knowing somehow without knowing, that soon Noriova would be taking a journey, and that he needed a friend to be with him.
Noriova studied the Shadraki histories, the history of his own culture and of the eastern culture, and some of the lore of the sodi d'onya. The studies opened Noriova's eyes to many things; namely, that in the real world there was rarely such a thing as "the good guys".
Things were not as black and white as leaders would have us believe, nor were they as simply one-sided as the history books would have us believe.
The Shadraki were not the daemons as was well thought. (Although some were).
Futur's kingdom was founded on a lie.
The Shadraki had self-destructed for reasons other than what was commonly believed.
"The only truth a man may know, is that which is engraved into his heart," Senilis had said.
One day, a day he had been waiting for, Senilis told Noriova that when he returned for his next lesson he was to bring Justarius with him. Perplexed, Noriova began to question him.
Senilis would answer Noriova's line of questioning only by saying that "there are some things that it is time Justarius and you were made aware of."
The next day breaking bread with Justarius and Noriova, Senilis began to show his age with slower and more deliberate movements. Noriova had been aware of the change coming over his fatherly mentor, but for Justarius it had been quite the shock. Senilis had not been down to the village proper for quite some time.
They ate their bread, and washed it down with goat's milk and spring water.
"There are a great many things I want to tell you both," said Senilis, finally cutting to the chase.
"There is not better way to begin with than to just simply tell you. I knew both of your parents."
After some predicted shock-induced gasps and questions fired off at a pace considerably too fast for the old man to possibly respond to, finally the two younger men quieted down and allowed Senilis to speak.
"My name, long before it was ever Senilis, was Justarius Falco D'Sanctua. And yes--" he said while turning toward the younger Justarius, "you were named after me. I was a Shadrakin Knight. I served under two Grand Shadraki, first Archedemia, then Morichoba--," looking at Noriova he continued, "your father, Noriova, who like you was a tormented soul, but a damn good man. Not like that daemon-possessed Archedemia.
"Your parents," he said, looking back to Justarius the younger, "were Nychademous Al'Turre and Iillian Servae, both High Shadraki. We spent several months together, several weeks of which were aboard the Ellen Dhura, fleeing from the city of Port Aliz while a coalition of Imperials, Shadraki, and elven forces overran and burnt the city to the ground."
Fixing his gaze on Noriova, he continued, "Morichoba at that time was in all literal senses growing to be a powerful wizard and a more than worthy priest, but his political clout was limited to that of being Archedemia's gopher.
"Your parents," continued the elder, locking his eyes with the younger Justarius, "were deeply in Love, and both deeply heartbroken by their own tragic individual losses."
As he told the story, in his own mind, Justarius the the elder was transported back in time...
--to be continued--

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