7th What's the point, purpose, meaning of it all?  

rm_Trypsoul3 38M
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3/19/2006 6:52 pm
7th What's the point, purpose, meaning of it all?

Why does everything seem to come and go in waves? Why am I a happy s.o.b. one day and miserable the next? Why are women fighting for me one day, then I find myself in a desolate wasteland the next? I've discovered that the life becomes pretty much humdrum and predictable up until the moment I think I"ve figured it out, then everything changes.
I've got women pissed off at me, seriously pissed, because I quit flirting with them. (Trust me, I learned a lesson here.) It only so happened that I realized these women, albeit young and gorgeous were just too young-minded for me and needed to party and be wild more, whereas much of my time goes to the novel I"m writing, my personal research, my attempts at self-improvement, etc...
Being nice, this is going to sound like cliche` whiniing I realize, but why is it, being nice leaves a guy single and as soon as I become angry and decide "fuck it, I"m just gonna' fuck when I get the chance and to hell with their feelings" that I start getting laid and getting women all interested in me? It happens to me at work all the time, and it really does piss me off. And also, why are women so attracted to guys who are obviously using lines to get in their pants and throw them away? I just don't get it. Fucking lame and counterproductive--that's what the "game" is.
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