Tuesday Morning Fantasy  

rm_Trainer_Doc 48M
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4/25/2006 5:08 am
Tuesday Morning Fantasy

I made this reply to someone on another site this morning and thought I'd share with all of my writing friends here . . . something so sensuous should be let out . . .

I have to tell you that looking at your profile really made me hard almost instantly. There were several things that I imagined when reading your comments and looking at the picture of you on the bed.

First, I wanted to just rip off all my clothes and come at you from behind. I wanted to lick your sweet pussy while you grabbed your breasts and started to moan with the joy of having my tongue work your clit. I wanted to know that I could get an older woman, one who I imagine has had a number of great lovers in her life, to moan and scream for more.

I wanted to lick and tease your entire body until you had screamed "take me, take me now!" so many times you were losing your voice.

I've always had a fantasy to be with a beautiful older woman, to know that I could compete with the many men who have pleasured her in her lifetime. You truly took me to a great place.


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