The Painter (Part 1)  

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3/31/2006 11:33 am
The Painter (Part 1)

I couldn’t resist. She walked into my office and asked if I wanted to buy her wares. I knew she meant she wanted me to pick from one of the several paintings in her portfolio she was selling to help herself earn extra cash while finishing her college education, but she was just so unbelievably beautiful.

And I think she was aware of what I was thinking. I really wasn’t trying to hide the lust in my eyes. There was no need to use a poker face here.

I invited her to the conference room. “Let’s take a look at what you’ve got to offer,” I said suggestively.

She responded, “Well, what do you like? I’m sure we can find something you’ll enjoy!” I’m not sure, but I thought I noticed her wink as she said it.

“Hold my calls,” I asked my assistant as I escorted this beautiful woman and her paintings towards the conference room.

“Would you like anything to drink? Coffee, tea, water, a CokeĀ®” I asked.

“Just water, I have a feeling I’ll need extra hydration,” she replied. And this time I was confident I’d noticed a wink.

The conference room wasn’t the most impressive room ever designed. It had a black faux marble table that would seat ten, four executive leather chairs on each side with one additional chair on either end. There was a white cabinet on the wall at the end which possibly hid a flat panel TV screen or a white board, and the typical conference room art. Pictures of nothing that really didn’t make much of a statement.

There was a credenza that matched the conference room table along the back wall with a built-in college sized refrigerator built in. There were other storage cabinets in the wall opposite the TV panel cabinet.

The most impressive feature of the conference room was the wall to the hallway was glass. Anyone walking past could see right into the room. There would be no privacy.

She moved a chair out of the way, laying her portfolio on the conference table, leaning over just enough for me to catch a glimpse down her shirt. She had the most beautiful, round breasts, pulled tightly up by a pink bra.

“Do you see anything you like so far?” she asked. I could tell by the glint in her eye she had caught me looking.

“I think I’ll need to explore a bit further into the pile,” I responded.

She continued to lean over the table showing me painting after painting. Most were of landscapes or horses or buildings around town. Lexington is such a beautiful place to put on canvas. Each painting had a story. She had seen this when . . . this one caught her eye after . . .

I really wasn’t paying too much attention. I was imagining going out with her on one of those explorations, finding the perfect backdrop, and as she painted removing all of her clothes so I could give her additional inspiration.

Each painting held a story . . . oh, I already said that . . . as you can see, she really touched me. Even in retelling her story I get lost in the fantasy.

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