Stressful Day at Work - Part 1  

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1/31/2006 2:07 pm

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Stressful Day at Work - Part 1

You called from work . . . it had been a stressful day . . . and you just wanted to make sure I knew.

That is when my plan went into motion. I quickly found someone to watch the kids, you didn’t need them arguing, screaming and destroying the house (you know, just being kids . . .). Not tonight.

And I called the florist. I knew you love red roses and I wanted the entry, hall way, and bedroom covered with rose peddles.

And then I went to Bed Bath & Beyond. Now I know a guy isn’t supposed to know about this store, but I knew you really needed something special tonight. This stressful day wasn’t going to take you out !!

And so I worked with a clerk, who was a bit surprised by my presence in the store, to find just the right combination of relaxing lotions and potions. I wanted you to just be able to come home and enjoy.

And I quickly rushed home to clean the place up (as much as possible with limited time), whip up your favorite dinner (linguine with clam sauce, asparagus smothered in a cheese sauce, fresh made rolls, and that double chocolate pie with raspberry sauce . . .) and prepare the bedroom and master bath.

Tonight was not about sex. Tonight was about relaxation.

You walked in the door a few minutes early, so I was still in the kitchen and did not get to see your face when you noticed the silence and saw the rose peddles. But you quickly found me and smiled . . . that same smile that made me fall in love with you and keeps me falling head over heels day after day.

We embraced, and I felt the stress of the day begin to leave your body. You relaxed, falling deeply into the shelter of my arms. And then, as I was softly working the stress out of the muscles in your back, you lifted your head and gave me the sweetest kiss I have ever tasted. I couldn’t believe that even after all these years together, your sweet kisses still have the ability to make my heart skip a beat.

And there we stood, as the dinner was finishing, in the kitchen, lost in each other’s arms and kiss.

I then walked you down the hall to help you remove the clothes that so easily could remind you of the toils of the day and slip into something a bit more enjoyable . . . your favorite silk robe. I know tonight wasn’t supposed to be about sex, but I couldn’t help myself from touching you as I pulled off your blouse, removed the bra that had help your beautiful breasts captive all day, slid down your skirt, removed your slip and nylons, and then helped you slide into the robe.

I just had to turn you around and hold you tightly in my arms, pulling you to my surging loins (who still uses that word?) as I kissed you with passion and a little too much desire. I could tell from your hesitation this time you were suddenly thinking, “I knew there was a catch.”

And so I softly pulled away, and helped you tie off your robe. I told you, “I’m sorry. Tonight is about you, not me.”

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