Monday Morning  

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1/23/2006 5:59 am

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Monday Morning

It's Monday morning. My last post was on Saturday morning, and since that post on Winks, I've received 32 views, no replies. I guess the whole Wink conversation is over.

Those of you who are veterans at blogging will have to forgive me. I'm new at this and really want to share my random thoughts . . . not that they are any different than so many other talented communicators on these pages, but I've come to the point in life where I no longer want to by a bystander. I truly want to get into the game and enjoy the experiences I've so often passed over in my earlier days.

Don't you remember the times before family? Before your job was needed to pay the mortgage, car payment, credit card bills, food and clothes and then if anything is left you can squeeze out a date night?

Before family, a job was a means to make enough money to get to the weekend and spend all of your time with friends, women and whatever honkie tonk had the best live band. Remember those times? Why does growing up and "becoming responsible" mean I have to leave my personal fun behind?

I think that is what I read about "between the lines" in all of the blah, blah, blah comments around this site. People just want to go back to the days of no responsibility. Partied all night and slept through work? That's ok !! There is another minimum wage job just asking for your application !!

Now, if I miss work . . . good luck trying to find a company willing to hire a person recently terminated for cause AND pay anything near what I need to maintain my current standard of living.

Anyhow . . . it's Monday morning and I'm off to satisfy the starving wallet. Another week of labor to pay bills. If anything is left, maybe I can squeeze in a date night.

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