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3/21/2005 3:19 am

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Does anyone ever dream of what it might have been like to have sex with someone from their past?
You know people like your best friends wife,girlfriend, secretary, or maybe even an old girlfriend of yours?

I went to bed last night and had the weirdest dream. I dreamed that I was in my old apartment and there were all of the women from my past. All of them having sex with all cummers. That's right anyone who wanted them, and for any kind of sex.

There were men lined up with cum dripping all down there bodies and these women fucking, sucking, and generally and totally enjoying themselves.

I was able to finally have sex with this oh so foxy x secretary of mine. OMG she had the biggest tits and really knew how to give and receive all kinds of sex.

One of the best dreams I have had in a long time. Anyone else have dreams like this?

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