For S: Confession from a novice AFFicionado 2 another  

rm_TopsyTurvy69 53M
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8/16/2005 9:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

For S: Confession from a novice AFFicionado 2 another

This is for u, dear S. I wrote it especially for u, for u've been nice. U may not think much of it. It could've been just chaos theory at work, or it may have been more than just that. Who knows? When, of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, u walked into mine.

U have no idea what the heck was i talking about in my 1st blog posting, so said u, that u cannot relate to it. But i think u can, every bit of it, once i explain it to u.

I was preoccupied with just expressing myself, and i did not mean to speak in riddles, i just wanted to cut to the chase without being blatantly rude.

I mean, if Sarong Party Girl gets to enlighten us in juicy details why she'd prefer a Mat Salleh that works at the same building several floors above her dad anytime over the boy next door, I too can choose to be vocal about the things i find peculiar.

I sought to summarise all that i've experienced so far in my frequent visits to AdultFriendFinder in 1 article, and spared no expence in peppering it with abundant spices that may have put a lot of people off. Seeing that nobody cared to comment on it, i once considered deleting it, which goes against the spirit of webblogging i think, that it is a celebration of the freedom to express. I kept it, noticing that curiosly enough, it received the most viewing among all my postings. Perhaps for the simple reason that the title itself is pertinent enough to warrant people's attention. It confirms my speculation that we've all asked ourselves the same question at some point, in the beginning or along the way.

Eye opening and horizon widening it has been for me, my experience is nevertheless personal, opinionated and subjective, entirely my own. Your experience would probably be very different from mine, because of our basic differences. You're from the other side of the fence, for instance. I do not presume to be righteous about my findings, in time i might learn something new to prove myself all wrong.

This is my journey thus far, in plain English:

In the beginning i rushed in, wide-eyed and overwhelmed by all the hoo-ha & the eye candies at the home page, enthusiastically putting up with the registration process, expecting to arrive at the happening party once i take 1 small step for my ego but 1 giant leap for my inhibition through the threshold, boldly into the unknown places i have not been before.

Well, true enough that the place is packed to the brim with seemingly interesting occupants. And all the shouting, the whispering, the come-ons, raging testosterone & hormones running amok, it's intoxicating, disorientating & adrenalin pumping. My network was soon filled with attractive wallpapers. It looked good.

What happened next was a shock. I was shocked to find myself stranded in the middle of a barren desert, groping in the dark. Despite my repeated calling out to all the self proclaimed Dolls, Vixens & Bombshells, none came forward to even give me 2 alphabets that spell Hi.

Surfing through the endless seas of profiles that provided entertainment & amusement in the beginning soon turned into disillusionment, and then boredom. I was ashamed to arrive at the realisation that:
1.I should've known better than to believe what i read in advertorials.
2.People are never what they seem.
3.We all have our own varied rhymes & reasons to be here, and who am i to judge or redicule others when i have my own flaws & shortcomings?
4.The shadows & echoes turned out to be ordinary folks like u & me. Regular human beings.

It was then that i learnt the errors in my 2 dimensional sales pitch aimed at cardboard characters whose preoccupation is bent more on looking good, much less on coming forward to make a connection. There's no right and wrong here, just dos & donts in accordance to your whims and fancies. If i wanna meet real people i should consider behaving like one myself. And asking people "Are u for real?" really doesn't help. Should ask myself instead.

And if what u crave is but a 12 inch dick, then that is exactly what u're gonna get. Whether or not it comes with or without a pleasant personality attached depends on the random roll of the dice of chance, which u have little control over.

It was no wonder that i got no reply from a pair of tits or what's between 2 legs. Once i switched to talking to the person to whom the body parts are attached to, I started to get some decent conversations going.

U expressed your disappointment with AdultFriendFinder. Well, there will always be dickheads & urinal bowls on legs abound in a site like this, due to the anonimity that the net provides. But they do not originate from AdultFriendFinder. They come from the real world which we dwell in. They don't evolve into a different species just because they learnt to type on keyboards. They will however shift into different being once they come to their senses.

On the other hand, advertorials are mere extracts, or abstract of, brief representation, or mis-representation of the people behind them. The ad does not define the person who writes it. Once i learnt to be less hasty in categorizing people into pigeon holes, i get to see them in their own light. The cardboard characters got fleshed out once i acknowledge they are of flesh and blood not unlike myself, even though they hail from a far distant planet on the otherside of the galaxy way over yonder.

This is my finding: AdultFriendFinder is no wonderland, even if u're just popping in to look around, it is not a funky town full of freaks. It is made up of people like u & me, and nobody is here to stay. Everybody's just passing by. It is neutral, a portal, a channel, a melting pot, a common meeting ground, a great big answering machine that allows people to leave messanges so that the receipients can return the calls if they choose to. It is a great big dance hall whereby we get to invite or be invited to dance, without obligation.

Despite our glaring and staggering differences, we might actually have more in common than we realise, and this was made possible courtesy of AdultFriendFinder. What are the chances we can get to talk to one another like this in real life? I'd say next to nil. Despite the different posture we assume in the loo, i'd say we're not really a world apart, after all...

What's that music playing in the background? Sir Paul McCartney wailing:" All the lonely people, where do they all come from?" Now why does that sound oh so familiar? Gasp! Is he singing about me? Why that son of a...

rm_ecstacy_baby 36F
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8/19/2005 12:41 am

Just Curious. I have read your published works that made no sense to me, just as S
but maybe we had just analyzed them wrong?

I also remember hearing lyrics to certain songs that make absolutely no sense at all,
but they're still great songs, and the general emotions behind the words are still portrayed.

Maybe intrigue could be just insanity

Maybe not everyone’s confused
But we all definitely
Have our issues.

For some it helps to write stuff down
Others find it easier to talk
And for some
All they need to clear their head
Is a quiet walk

But whichever way works for you
Your way is not the only way
So open your mind and try to
listen to what others have to say.

Maybe people need to escape reality
Every once in a while
Some do it by going clubbing
Simply jog a mile.

AdultFriendFinder a wonderland?
Utopia or..
Ultimate Nirvana..

I wouldn’t have
a clue.

georgina666 37F

8/20/2005 3:30 am

not sure what triggered your sudden histamine massive production, causing you to be allergic to all wannabes here and there, particularly in AdultFriendFinder.

"are you for real?" is a cliche on board AdultFriendFinder...stop using it and play by your heart, eyes, and ears (the 2 latter skills are to be used if you ever got that far to meeting up with that foxy siren). in AdultFriendFinder, there's no right or wrong, real or fake, good or bad. we're all here for some reason only known to you and the one above overlooking everyone.

mysticmonty 42F

2/23/2006 10:00 pm

One word after reading,...more like an expression?


I am humbled by all these exchange and play of words and mind.

That aside. *Ahem*

Been meaning to pop in here, your blog, for a short visit but for some reason, I never did...till now. Yes, I am the world's greatest procrastinator indeed.

I simply feel some sort of connection, I'm not entirely sure what it is but hey, maybe because we're all humans. LOL

Whatever it is, I think it's great that we "blast" at each other like this, "sharing and caring" for one another?? Esp. in today's already VERY f**ked up world.
We basically need an equilibrium.

AdultFriendFinder you rule!!

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