Come on !!!!  

rm_Tootsy_Roll 62F
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10/28/2005 10:14 pm

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9/11/2008 12:04 am

Come on !!!!

Leave me a message, tell me all, well heck you can even let me see all....



rm_unlistedone 66M
2718 posts
10/28/2005 11:02 pm

Welcome to the blogs, toots. I hope you have a great time here. It's a pretty nice place to land and stay awhile. Unlisted One

onlinefun4you 64M

10/29/2005 2:04 am

Hi Toots,

I don't know much about blogs, but I do like your profile. Maybe we

can chat sometime? I would show it all to you, but I don't see how to

do that on here.

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
11240 posts
11/2/2005 12:29 am

Welcome to the land of blog

wishing you lots of fun

hotiowastud2 54M

11/5/2005 11:47 am

Welcome to blog land fellow Iowan!

rm_ligerdude 71M
23 posts
11/7/2005 10:36 am


It’s so hard to try to disguise
The look of hunger in your eyes
A hunger, craving oh so much
For the warmth of human touch

A lover would be very nice
But it’s so hard to break the ice
So on and on and on they go
And write some words to melt the snow

Someone to hold at twilight’s gleam
A body straight out of a dream
Some thoughts to share out of the blue
A pleasant time for me and you

The dawn breaks to a sunny day
A message comes and goes its way
Imagination’s free and running wild
Her face to brighten with a smile

The Bandit

rm_Tootsy_Roll 62F
13 posts
11/15/2005 7:44 pm

Unlisted ... thanks for the nice repy to my blog... Now how does one go about having fun on it???


rm_Tootsy_Roll 62F
13 posts
11/15/2005 7:45 pm

Thanks... Don't know much about what to do with it... I need AdultFriendFinder ... education 101... still thanks ... see you soon

oralefixated 58M
2 posts
11/19/2005 1:41 pm

Hi tootsy I am new to this blog stuff also, I did like your profile and you have a great smile That is what always get my attention first,I would like to take you on a motorcycle ride sometime let me know if you are interested

rm_Tootsy_Roll 62F
13 posts
11/29/2005 10:29 pm

Just wanted to say thanks to those of you that have taken the time to leave a message here,,,, and some of whom I've met...

rm_got2b4 46M

12/4/2005 7:32 am

hey tootsy is your search going.......see ya at friday night sometime maybe again ok

rm_love26964 53M
2 posts
12/17/2005 6:53 am

Hello Tootsy, I enjoyed reading your comments. Look in the Eagle Grove group, and see if you like. Drop me a line some time. Have a good day!!!

rm_iabison 57M

12/26/2005 7:03 am

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

mikeylikesitia 57M
1 post
12/29/2005 8:44 am

Hey Tootsy Roll! I just wanted to say hello to you. Seeing that smile of yours, I just couldn't resist. Hope to chat with you sometime soon.

bigg7365 52M/52F
1 post
1/29/2006 8:32 pm

hi- i cum to ames & boone once a week on business. would love to see or just watch you! m/42/6'4, athletic

rm_Keystone3812 66M
583 posts
2/22/2006 12:18 pm

Hello, Tootsie! Just wanted to drop a comment and introduce myself. Hope you'll visit my blog sometime!

rodney555 67M

2/9/2007 11:39 am

Have you seen the movie The Matrix
I am "The One"

rodney555 67M

2/10/2007 7:56 am

I am wondering if you read your blog. I am waiting for Monday, you know why. It's Saturday now and it's been a long day already.

rodney555 67M

2/28/2007 4:01 am

Now those days have come and gone, and it was better than I ever expceted. Now I have more to look forward to, and again I find myself waiting, but it's worth every minute. Life rushes by so fast, but if you want time to pass slowly, just wait for something wonderful!

rm_Tootsy_Roll 62F
13 posts
3/1/2007 4:41 am

My Darlink... uhmmm ling...
You know as well as I do, that the wait was well worth it,,, this next time OMG! even more imaginations do we both have pent up inside....

rm_Tootsy_Roll 62F
13 posts
3/3/2007 3:24 am

I'd go ifn I knew what nights they met now....
its been forever since I've been...
Is it the same ole crowd or some newbies?

Let me know


rm_Tootsy_Roll 62F
13 posts
3/3/2007 3:26 am

I'll check that Eagle Grove thingy out...



rm_Tootsy_Roll 62F
13 posts
3/3/2007 3:30 am

To my favorite Turd Burd in the world,,,,it will happen, just click your teeth together saying it will that about 12 times then call the dentist...I'll meet you there...Hot damn you'll have the cleanest teeth we ever came across

God I'm sooooo very naughty!

rm_Tootsy_Roll 62F
13 posts
4/30/2007 7:36 pm

Hi everyone...

I've been on this site for a couple years... so!!! Tell me exactly what am I doing wrong?

I met someone that said he had a similiar circumstance as I did. Oh we had fun, we really hit it off.....then pffft nothing. No kiss my ass or nothing, not even a good-bye. It has to be me I guess....grrrrr....

One of these days I'm gonna quit being so 'nice' and tell menz to Kiss my Ass!

rm_Tootsy_Roll 62F
13 posts
5/9/2007 4:48 pm

Hi Yahs

Well Spring is here yahhh.. now who has Spring fever, and just what is everyone doing about it...I need some imagination here, send me your wildest fantasies,,,,lets see if we can all add to it, come up with one hell of an erotic story,,,,or even something to work on, with our lovers...sigh...Ifn I ever get one...


rm_Tootsy_Roll 62F
13 posts
5/9/2007 5:00 pm

I'm going to start this...

It was a hot, muggy night, she looked all around seeing the lawn needed mowed, flowers planted,,, She thought inside,,,Hell I need planted. She went into the house, put on a white top, no bra, white undies, she looked like a neon sign in the dark. She danced on the lawn, not noticing the attention she was getting. Back and forth she swayed to the sound of the cricketts...

Slowly a car came to a stop, two well dressed men stepped out, and smiled at her, she grinned back. Introduced herself, they both kissed her neck, she sighed, thinking this is what I want.

She looked at the blonde god standing next to her, rubbing his back she said lets all go out back, there's a pool we can cool off a bit, get to know one another.

Back at the pool, she took off her top, she knew what she wanted from these men, the night wasn't going to end without it. Her body was lean and firm for 50yrs old, and 4 kids. She caressed her breasts, biting her lower lip, looking at 'her' men. She could tell that one was very hard, had quite the tent in his jeans. Walking over, she unzipped him, taking her small hand reaching in, taking out his penis, leand down and tasted him, sucked him slightly with little effort. He was so hard, grabbing her head he pulled her forward onto his cock, she moaned loving the way he took and out of her mouth he pumped his cock, he grew even larger, she could tell it wasn't going to take long to get this fella off. She reached underneath his sack, tickling his balls while sucking and stroking his cock at the same time, he moaned, loving what she was doing. He was thinking this woman knew how to give pleasure. She quit stroking him...sucking very hard just on the end of his cock, hearing him say, 'I'm gonna cum,,,,you're making me cum..ooooo God...' at that point she took her middle two fingers and slowly stuck it up his ass....he shot his jism into her, mouth, the load was so big, it ran down her chin, onto her breasts...

NOW its your turn to write...

srchn4u2be 44M
6 posts
5/10/2007 1:13 pm

Hope all is still going well for you...happened on your blog and just thought I would say hello

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