i would like to start my blog off with a poem  

rm_Tina084 33F
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7/3/2006 5:56 pm
i would like to start my blog off with a poem

things change people grow, laughter is not here any more the same thing day in and day out who is to say we're out. out of touch out mind for people to look and not be seen. is that the life is intwaned to be. over a hill and under a bridge to deep in despire to see. to see it coming closer spilling over your head blinding your eyes filling your nose and mouth with surpise. move your arms pull hard don't give in fight fight fight to live. not over not done still have bids to play in the game so fight don't let that powerful current take you under push to the top break though the darkness let go of the pain and hate and breathe in the air of redempation. let life flow over your body let laughter fill your heart and float to the shore of love

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