the more the things change,more of the same.....  

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5/17/2006 1:43 am

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5/17/2006 4:51 pm

the more the things change,more of the same.....

"Words and hearts should be handled with care, for words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest things to repair."

Having been out of circulation for a while,(offline),
I have re-emerged a bit more certain about myself...
I will continue this thought, shortly- as I navigate the updates in the site...
I am encouraged- and, noticing,
a better caliber of profiles that are
showing up- in my box.
A slight few of you all are actually stepping up, and showing viable interest in me...
For that I thank you ...I call no names...
I think we're mature enough to know who we are..

None the less, I seem to be feeling less tolerant of the 'glib shit'
that continues to flow into my box.tsk,tsk tsk.
I have formated a F--K-off letter, short and sweet, to the point about this..
I have sent it to several undesirables...
I've had to block left and right....
As usual, people hate rejection,,,,
never mind that only "I" rejected them,
privately via- e-mail...
Retaliation is futile and
not to your advantage...

It drains me, and damnit,,,
You dumb-shits...!
I tell you more than enough for you to discern your desirabilty, according to MY selections.

I neither flaunt my 'prowess', nor my dismissals,
(I have my dismissals in the past).
But, after a slight attitude adjustment,
and a willingness to just smack you in the head with it.
I think I can weed, and draw reasonable conclusions. Thanks anyway...
all said,
you'll never regain that first impression...
I SEE you,-Wouldn't want to be you....
near you- much less intimate with you...
I'm rather unforgiving at this time.

Guys especially, need to develop a thicker skin.
You actually have the luxury-
----of getting rejected privately.
Think about it.................
It could be worse..............
Public rejection???

Good to see my network folks,again..

I'm going to atempt to write more personal stuff, like this in my blogs...

What was I thinking......

"The perfect woman is the hardest thing to find, but love will get you there
only if the perfect woman is the one you love."

MeLikeKmunch2 60M

5/17/2006 3:47 pm

Weeeell. Let' see. You came. You inspired. Where do I go from there? I guess I come back here and inspire you. Thanks if I am one who's interest in you you consider viable. As for the doorknuckles? I'll refer to your first sentence in this post. I get alot of crap out there too. Words when spoken and hearts when broken may be the hardest thing to repair, but must be repaired nonetheless. I wholeheartedly prefer public rejection over private rejection. Let people see who everyone is. Many people are still stupid and if they are only rejected in private, they may never learn. Fear of public rejection forces people to step up their game. My approach to people is call it as I see it. If someone puts me down in the advice lines, I just lay into them with witty insults. I think it is a much better assault than hateful comments. It embarrasses them which prevents them from making the same mistake. Hateful comments only inspire rage and more hateful comments. I'm not sayin a person shouldn't totally let someone have it with words, but I think it's better for everyone if the words are funny. See some of my responses to advice questions for more.

Come back anytime.

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