Memorial weekend-  

rm_TigerIze68 50F
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5/28/2006 3:55 am
Memorial weekend-

Well, I've been busy here, and thought my puter was amiss again..
Oh well, a few days off,and an odd e-mail that spooked the shit out of me to my regular e-mail, I guess I have gotten over it now...
Thought the ass hole screwed my puter up so I have let it go...
Any how, Ms.Kitty, is all right. I've been my ever neglectful owner...

She's been banned from the "Bob"ster, till I get so very overwhelmed again. Starving Ms. Kitty, a delicate situation. She's relentless.
See, safe sex, is great,even if it is alone...
But ------damn it does get old.

Type more laters.

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