Friday night -same as it ever was..  

rm_TigerIze68 50F
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5/19/2006 2:28 pm
Friday night -same as it ever was..

Having been back in AdultFriendFinder land for 1 week tonight,
I toast the upgrades,
Have weeded my Network, checking my groups,
and basically rediscovering, my existance here.
I've seen as I re navigate this site-
Reading where I've been, said, and editing my blogs, profile,w/a much more expanded ability to disclose more of nearly any heart desires.
Brings me to another point.
I've been on and off here, for a bit over a yr now.
I came into this site w/ alot of (personal)expectations...Like all good intentions,
NOTHING ever came of my G.I..
What's new.. None to bitter for,
certainly much the wiser in myself,
and more certain of all that I am.
I am coming into the 3rd yr of my solo-singledom.
(live independantly, No roomie/kids/lover-etc). My new found self is finding light and balance.
Her voice again...
(hence my attempt to include you in this via a single domain)
I like the growth, and the character it builds to be here......

I've been informed, on more than 1 occasion,
that frankly,
I make a poor first personal impression,
over the phone...'Crazy'
-being the word thats repeated- come to mind-
Heed the warning, if you ever get so lucky...
We'll figure it out, eventually.
Oh well, goin to be lettin this 1 ride.
By the time I get through this discipline of forcing myself out through hand/eye coordintations.
Might even learn the art of first impressions....

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