an intresting day  

rm_Tibarraji 45M
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5/10/2006 8:23 pm
an intresting day

well.. today has had its good points.. and its bad points. well, im not sure ild call them bad, more, down.

my sinuses started acting up on me a couple days ago, and it looks like its gonna turn into a spring cold, than most likely, spring flu. wouldnt be so bad, except that i work all week.

on the brighter side, i found out today, that the game im working with a friend on, has been official recognized by the company that makes the game engine we are using. its another step towards having a carreer doing something i totally love. our goal is to have something stable up and running by mid summer, so we can start showing it around to try and get some financing for it.

well.. i guess thats about it for now.. until next time...

ps.. the image is a render of what we hope wil be one of the character types in our game

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