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4/17/2006 10:12 am

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a day off

wow.. a day off. spent all weekend busting my ass at work. dont ppl realize that easter weekend is meant to be with family relaxing? not going to menards to build a new deck.

o well.. it was a long weekend but i did end up with an extra 70 dollars in commisions. so i guess i cant complain.

last week i got one of those promotions without a raise sorta things. more responsibility, all that happy horse shit. basically.. what im doing is making sure that the ppl in my department are taking care of the Guests (we arent spose to call them customers.. too impersonal i guess). well, saturday was one of the busiest days i have had. and of course, we had alot of new guys working. well.. ishouldnt call them new.. a few of them started the same time as i did, but they are all part time, and im full time... well.. needless to say, they were slacking off.. and the general manager came looking for me to get them motivated.

so yeah.. was a long weekend. i had sent out a cpl emails here on AdultFriendFinder hoping to maybe meet up with someone on my day off today... but to no avail

i have been chatting with a cpl ppl though. the woman from my last entry got back to me... she told me she basically her hubby... lol.. so yeah.. at least there is one guy that is benefiting from skills..lol

o well.. life goes on.. right?

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