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6/12/2006 8:39 am

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Sex & Life

I believe sexual physical contact is the true elixir in life. Sex can heal, teach, relax, invigorate, decompress, be discreet, tickle, stimulate intellectually and/or emotionally, be a release, be devious, be fun, be hot, be experimental, be intimate, be kinky, be naughty, be ecstatic, capture a mood, create a mood, fulfill a need, fulfill a fantasy, be pleasing, create a need, be wild, be thoughtful, be freeing… and so much more!

I believe sex should be mutual, and respectful of your partner. It should be creative and exploratory. It can come with no emotional attachments, but it can never be emotionless. It should teach you something about your partner. Its only restrictions are decided mutually. It is not the only important thing in life, but it is critical to the enjoyment, personal growth and development of a person no matter what stage of their adult life they are currently in. So much for my carnal side...

To be able to spend any time with someone else and have fun, there has to be some connection. Let’s face it, those people we don’t like or connect with (for whatever reason) we avoid in life. So it can’t all just be about the physical, there has to be an attraction or connecting on some level.

Women who play games (that are not mutually agreed upon ahead of time) are a turn off for me. A person must be genuine. That is not to say that you can’t try something new, or seek to lose your inhibitions. It means you have to be you, while you’re doing it. I believe sites like this encourage us to push aside our inhibitions, to try something new. That’s part of the fun. The anonymity protects us while we are online. Face to Face we reveal parts of ourselves.

If you find yourself agreeing with this, we have already made a connection. If after contemplating these muses of mine you find that you agree somewhat, we have the basis for a connection. If after reading this you believe it to be a pile of garbage, there is a good chance we will never connect.

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