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6/7/2006 9:55 pm

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Hey, names bob and this is my story.

So let me start off by telling u a lil about myself. I consider my self unique althought i do share the same face as everybody around me. Sometimes i like to think of myslef as special and that why i v chose to hold back from leaving the temple for so long. Im sure about know ur thinking what Temple? Well see me and my buddies we all kinda like monk, bald and live in a community where we share a small space and tend not to do much excpet wait and meditate till its our time. Well see in my case, iv been called on many times, but iv always held back im just not ready. Im waiting for a special day. See the summoner begins the ritual at least once a day where he calls on us followers to come forth and explore outside. Aaah Outside, i urn to go explore out there one day. I want to be free and rid of this inclosed space, but i wait. See unlike my other fellow counterparts i got word that istead of wasting myslef in a draining or in a sock or something, that soon the summoner would be opening hes doors into a much better cozier and warmer world soon. the excitment and antisepaction is kill me but im patient, not something i can say about the rest of them.

A few Days Later...

The time has come my friends, its happening finally the gates will be opening soon and me and my fellow counterparts will be called apon to leave this place and set of to a new world. Im so excited right now, i couldnt even describe it in words. I hear that this place is even more wonderfull then i first thought. Walls of plush pink and smells that could drive anybody crazy, a warm a cozy place ill be able to call home. Best part is ill have a place to strach my tail and be free to swim around without having to worry about bumping into others. Wait Wait... Its happening we are being called apon we are free my brethren FREE!

A Few Seconds later...

Wow its better then i ever imagined, not as much room as i expected and the smell isnt all that great but at least i have room to travel. I wonder how far ill be able to go i wonder what are the new things that ill see... BUMP! ... WTF WTF wait wait this doesnt seem right whats this brown wall doing here? WTF IS THIS SHIT?!


Friendly Reminder: Before you decide to shoot a load somewhere put yourself in your sperms shoes.

mmmmcandi 31F

8/7/2006 5:21 pm

That, my friend, is freakin' hilarious!

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