Where is the love?  

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10/17/2005 7:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Where is the love?

If the tune of that tacky oft-remixed song is buzzing in your head at the moment you read this, then we definitely have things in common (and you should link up asap!)

On a more serious note. I guess this post is the kind of self-searching that comes after the mind suddenly becomes clear after the numbing horniness subsides for a few seconds right after a spate of hard explosive cumming. On watching the rest of our group finish each other off, I started to wonder - whether, at any time, from the moment we first meet with premediatation for sex, to the moment we fall in each other's arm sweating and panting, while our minds are still riding on the waves of carnal pleasure - was there ever any deeper emotional feeling towards the other person?

I wouldn't venture so far as to say that I remotely imagine one to feel undivided love at this point. But I look closely at the adverts of people on AdultFriendFinder - all of them have in common the obvious focus on carnal attraction.Nnot that there is anything wrong with that, on the contrary... I am one of them first and foremost.

I just wonder for how many of us there is something more to it than mere fucking...? or should there be...?

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