Confessions of a Sex Dog - Part II  

rm_ThePro2 42M
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3/26/2006 11:33 am
Confessions of a Sex Dog - Part II


Yes, I am in a big way ‒ but with one slight difference: Even if it has been the most short-lived of all one-night-stands with no names given, or the most crowded orgy where names are lost, and oh yes…even if it had been faceless online sex with just a screen-name to hold on to, I treasure the memory of every single partner I ever had close within me, even though the time was spent with her in nothing more than mindless fornication. That is because, beyond the physicality, I have grown after every sexual experience. Sometimes it was bliss, sometimes tears, sometimes pain ‒yet all the faces of it are engraved within me. It's a crowd in my head. But I have loved them all…and still do…

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