Update #2  

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4/18/2005 11:01 am

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Update #2

Again, sorry for not writing much. It was a busy weekend.

I have been fantasizing more and more about when I finally get a chance to be with another woman. So much so, that on Friday night when we went bowling, one of the girlfriends that we went with was really getting me hot. She was wearing these really tight, low cut jeans that framed her ass perfectly and a shirt that she had just bought, that was just way to cute for words. I don't know if it was just her, or her with the other girlfriend that came along, or the fact that all three of us were being extremely flirty and touchy. All I know is that I spent the rest of the night with soaked panties, because I got really turned on. Guess it goes without saying that Fox and I had some really amazing sex that night. He was surprised with how wet I had gotten.

Saturday night, we went out with the same friends that we did on Friday. We spent most of the day with them actually. The three of us girls colored our hair, and then started to get ready to go to the bar that night. Well one of them is a lot like how I used to be. She doesn't like to wear skirts, or show off her body at all. So the other girl and I convinced her to wear one, cause we were going to get dressed up. Well the three of us, walked into the bar, and immediately all eyes were on us. These girls have been friends with Fox since high school, so they are extremely comfortable around him. So he is walking behind us as we walked through the bar, looking all proud. He knows that I am coming home with him, and that the other girls will stick with us, and not go home with anyone. I would imagine that a lot of the guys in the bar were really jealous of him, because he had three beautiful girls around him at all times. Unfortunately our night was cut short, by a possible family emergency.

Then came last night. Sunday nights, are the nights that a lot of us get together at another friends house. Different group of friends. This group is a lot more relaxed, and 5 our of the 7 of us girls are either bi or bi-curious. So we are all really comfortable with each other. Well usually anyway. There were a couple new people to the group last night. Friends that we all know, but they haven't been coming to Sunday nights forever like the rest of us. So one of guys suggests some alternative activities (non sexual), and indicates to those of us that he knows might want to join in, to join him. Well we completely didn't think about asking everyone if it's ok, like we usually do, we just go into the back bedroom, and proceed to get started. Well apparently the other newer person to the group, is really uncomfortable around this kind of activity, and got upset, and four people wound up leaving in result. Leaving only those of us that were in the room. Well our hostess, my best friend, was a little upset about it, cause she normally makes sure that it's ok with everyone before we do something like that, and she didn't. *shrugs* Oh well.

So we are all sitting around, most of us on the bed, participating in the alternative activites. Talking and listening to the other new guy play his guitar. It doesn't take long for everything to start to set in, and we really start to loosen up. Now Fox doesn't participate, he just sits around and watches, and I very rarely participate, only occasionally. But after about a half an hour, we were all really loose. We start talking, and I decide that I might as well tell them about AdultFriendFinder, as they know that I have been looking for another girl anyway. So I tell them that Fox and I have joined AdultFriendFinder, so we can find another girl for me to be with. They are not at all surprised.

So Fox and I and another girl and guy were sitting on the bed, while the guy with the guitar was sitting on the floor, and our hostess in a chair across the room. I decide that I am going to lay my head down on the pillow that the other girl has in her lap. She doesn't mind, cause her and I are really good friends, and have been for a couple of years now. She then starts to play with the hair at the base of my scalp, right on the back of my neck. She then starts lightly scratching my back with her nails. Talk about heaven. She kept on hitting that spot on the back of my neck that makes me weak. By the time we all decided it was time to call it a night, I was really wet. Unfortunately I made a rule when I first started thinking about finding another girl, that good friends would be off limits, as I don't want to ruin any friendships.

We make our way home, and fall into bed. We get undressed, and Fox decides he's going to eat me out. He's really good at it, but for some reason I could not reach the point of orgasm. I finally pull out one of my vibes and bring myself over the edge. He then decides he is going to still concentrate on my clit. He starts to rub his thumb over it, which is still extremely sensitive from the Orgasm that I just had, and eventually brings me to another one. At this point, I just want to feel him inside of me, so I pull him close, and he rams home. We fucked so hard that I was a little sore this morning, and was close to screaming.

So this morning, what happen...he wakes up with his usual hard on and wants to go again. I tell him that I want this morning to be for him, because last night was for me, but he wont have anything of it. He comes harder when I do too. So I climb on top of him, and start riding him hard. Since he had just woken up, he lasted a really long time. I was screaming so hard by the time that we both came, that my throat hurt afterwards. I then got up and made breakfast, at noon, and sat down and started writing. Well that was our weekend. Hope you enjoyed the read.

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