Tawni and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day  

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2/1/2006 11:59 pm

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9/20/2006 2:12 pm

Tawni and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I fell on a bit of hard luck today, I lost my 2nd job because I was on my cell in the bathroom on my break, and I got kicked out of the place I was staying because the old guy is a crusty old alchie. The toilet over flowed and he made it out like I did it on purpose. So he told me I had untill the weekend to get out, then he turns around and wont let me in the house tonight. So I called the cops on him. He agreed to let me get some of my stuff ( I.E. a change of clothes and cell charger ) and a few other things tomorrow. Im at Dianes house right now, a co-worker, and tomorrow Im going into the Highlands to get into the system and hopefully they will put me up in a motel or something for a few days untill I can figure out what Im gunna do. My Tarot cards have been telling me something bad was going to happen, but they also said something very very good will happen shortly afterwards. So Im hoping the very very good comes soon. If they cant put me in a motel they said something about maybe a shelter, which I dont wanna go to, but its better than going back to Alabama, or staying on the streets untill then. Ill figure something out. They say once you hit rock bottem you have nowhere else to go but up right? I certainly hope so. Hopefully well get the apartment the first of March, that way if I do have to go to the shelter, it will only be for a little while. And alot of people who are at the shelter arent homeless, just fallen on hard times like me. They come into the store all the time, so most of them are pretty nice from what I can tell. My only concern is my stuff. Raz said I should look into trying to get a small storage thingy which shouldnt be to much. I dont have a whole lot, just like 5 big boxes and a bunch of clothes. My furniture and stuff is still at Sarahs. From the layout of the place, it looks pretty big for what well be paying. Granted it is in Asbury Park, but times like these you can take what you can get you know. And they cut everyones hours at work, so the cheaper the better. Itll be like $825 and if Im not mistaken it includes all utilities. Which is awesome. My sister wants me to come back to Alabama, but Im going to fight tooth and nail to stay up here. The last thing I needed to hear from her today was " I told you so" but thats exactly what she said. Sometimes you -do- need to hear it, but Ive said it enough to myself for one lifetime. Anyway, enough pissing and moaning about how shitty things are. But anyway, Im gunna go try to get some sleep, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. It better. Or I think Ill go postal and have a nerveous breakdown or something. Not literaly, but close enough. ~ Tawni

vengeur 42M  
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3/9/2006 6:21 am


I'm curious about why you decided to try living in New Jersey when you could be living in Alabama. In case nobody has told you yet, New Jersey is one of the most expensive states to live in. Alabama is one of the cheapest.

The area of New Jersey which you are in happens to be one of the more expensive ones to live in also. A single person who wishes to live alone needs an annual income of at least $35,000 to live comfortably anywhere in New Jersey. No minimum-wage job is going to achieve that.

rm_WilliamBoyd2 31M
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10/27/2006 11:58 am

Damn, That realy sucks. But like Vengeur asked, why don't you move back down here. it is a lot cheeper and most the time it is a lot easyer to keep a job down here becuse there are not a lot of people around ready to take your job so your boss is not scared to fire you. What do you have aginst Alabama any ways?

And if the cards read it then it is bound to come true. lets just hope you read them right

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