Coffee-House Madness  

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7/9/2006 7:31 pm

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Coffee-House Madness

I went to a coffee-house today and met what struck me as a lunatic. I am calling him a lunatic for a reason; the reason being that he started rambling to me about Lucifer using people to hurt him. Here's the full story:

I go into the coffee-house for two reasons: one being that I felt like relaxing, the other being that I felt the urge for a nice cup of Iced Coffee. I come up to the counter and ask the cashier for a cup of Chai Freeze (a Chai flavored shake). The attendant makes me the Freeze and tells me the total amount for the beverage. I pull out my debit card to pay for it. She gives me a receipt to sign and the transaction is complete. I take my Freeze and sit down on a recliner. I sip my Freeze when the "lunatic" starts chatting with me. He first says hello to me then he starts making a speech about Jesus and Lucifer. He tells me that he is Jewish and a born again Christian. He tells me that he went to jail before and the police took away his Yamaca (round skull caps that some Jewish people wear) and poked his eyes. He claims that a laser was used to do it. He continues rambling on and on about Lucifer using the police and a lot of other people to persecute him. He tells me that he has to use the bathroom and he'll be right back. I began to feel somewhat frightened by the guy so I take off and leave as soon as I see him go into the bathroom. I walk rapidly to my building. I feel my adrenaline pumping so intensely that I unknowingly pass my apartment building. I realize this when I see a building located three places from mine. I walk back to my apartment. Even though I wanted to get away from the guy, part of me wanted to come back to the coffee-house and listen to his ramblings. I wanted to go back to the coffee-house and hang out there due to boredom and no lunatic was going to stop me from living my life, doing the things I desire.

On my way to the coffee-house, I decide to go into a nearby bakery but found that it was closed. Somebody calls out to me: "Where were you?" I looked and it was the "lunatic" sitting down at an outdoor chair in front of the coffee-house. I told him that I went back to my apartment to get my cell phone because I forgot it.

The guy starts rambling again and the subject comes up about his sexuality. He claims that he's gay and hates women because they are evil. Women to him have the power to tempt men. At some point he criticizes sex educators for distributing condoms to adolescents. I disagree and tell him that adolescents need to be protected from STDs. He gets mad and yells that we need STDs because that is God's way of punishing us for being sinners.

The whole conversation ended up lasting six hours. I can tell you everything about it, but that would take up too much time. I'll say this though: that guy is one unstable lunatic.

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