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8/19/2006 11:45 am

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Living La Vida Loca.

Well I went out for the first time on friday night. Went to a bar in Denver where all are accepted and welcomed. they have a drag show which is a hoot. I was very uncertain walking to club from my car. Initially went with lite make-up and wearing jeans and a blouse. As i entered the darkened bar the place was packed. Looking around I could see that there were many others like me, who were dressed to the nines. Many were not dressed but nobody seemed to pay attention no matter gender, style or sexual preference. I quickly downed my drink and headed back to my car to quickly change into full Tangi mode. Red leather pants, black bra, black velvet blouse and open toed 4 inch heels. As squickly as possible I applied my makeup using my visor mirror. Walking back my apprehension grew but I was committed to doing it. What better place than a t-friendly bar. I openned the door, held my breath and took the first step. A few people looked up as I entered but it was just another pretty girl coming in to catch the show. I went to the bar, the bartender looked up and said, "what would you like sweetie?" I new then and there I could do it that Tangi had arrived and she had many places to go. A very mixed crowd of all types, and some of the nicest, friendliest people in the world. Had a blast talking to other tgirls, ggirls and guys. It was a last minute decision so preparation was minimal but it was enough. It was so much fun to let Tangi loose in public. No doubt this will be a place I go again and again. I love the attention and compliments its so good for a girls ego. I have made many new friends on here and my evolution is thrilling and overwhelming at times. This girl likes to party and have fun. Can't wait to see what happens next.

I have come to the conclusion that gender as defined by society is a misnomber and wrong. Be who you want to be, dress how you want to dress and let yourself be whatever it is that gives you the greatest joy and pleasure. Life is too short to be confined by societal norms and expectations. If they can't take a joke fuck'em.

The shopping continues, new aquisitions: 4' black boots, sky blue sundress, new low-rise hip hugger pants, blouses (2), clogs, and strappy night gown.

Hope u all are having fun!!

XOXO Tangi

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