And so it goes...  

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7/22/2006 12:11 am

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And so it goes...

It has now been a week since I started this journey and each day has been thrilling, frightening and provided me with inner satisfactionion and great trepidation. I could not stop this happening even if I wanted to, which I don't. This journey, desire has taken on a life of its own that moves forward like the incoming tide and I must follow its path wherever it leads me. As is often said, "its the journey not the destination" that provides the greatest pleasure.

The world of women is quite magical and mystical. The power they possess is limitless and we men are helpless before them, but we are lucky in the aspect that they choose to share their lives with us and only periodically show us mere mortals a glimpse of their potential powers and wrath. It is this world or universe that I desire to enter and discover.I wish to understand the ancient mysteries and join this sisterhood of beautiful creatures in their world while still maintaining my own self and life in my own.

I recognise that right now I am like a new lover in a passionate relationship. I see nothing but fun and pleasure. I shop for new clothes, experiment with make-up and different looks and all is well in my small self contained world. That creating this new part of me, Tangi, is easy, simple and straight (LO forward. But, like all affairs, eventually the the newness will wear off and then the true test will begin. Chooing to be a crossdresser or tv or t-gurl is not necessarily the wisest decision as we live in a society that actively disparages men crossing over and revealing their feminie side. Yet it feels right to me. I know it makes me different and yet in the homogenized society we life in maybe being different and unique is what we need more of. I choose to do this of my own free will and move forward with great anticipation, desire and passion for the journey. XOXO Tangi

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