The mirror  

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12/16/2005 4:56 pm

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The mirror

She was perched on an ivory stool, trying to decide if she should pull her hair
up, or let it hang loose. He watched her back sitting there, as she moved her
hair up, and then letting it hang down. Her back was strong, her arms were
slightly muscular.
Her shape was like an hourglass. She had a classic 50's starlet figure. Big
heart shaped ass. She decided on putting her hair up. several tendrils of
fire, lay around her shoulders. She placed a thick strand of pearls around her
neck, and touched up her crimson red lipstick, swiping the swivel of red on her
lush mouth,
a mouth that was still swollen from his kisses. She was naked save for her
and stilettos. She stood up, only to cross her left foot over her right and bent
from the waist towards the mirror. He looked at her pussy, it was all flushed
from her hot shower, and shiny from her wetness. Smooth, and shaved, her barbell
She stepped back from the mirror, and reached over for a red Lacey bra.
She slipped it on pulling the straps up, and tried to adjust each creamy white
breast into the minimal amount of red lace. She turned around and saw him there.

She said his name, and smiled, walking towards him slowly. Her hips swayed
and she was still sans panties. He grabbed her by her shoulders and dug his
fingers in she gasped and he saw her pupils begin to dilate. He told her to go
to the bed.
She climbed on her hands and knees across the bed. He took the nylon rope, and
began to tie her securely to each end of the bed. He removed his clothes, and
crawled atop her trembling body. he proceeded to bite her already half-exposed
nipples thru the red lace. She moaned. He reached into his pants by the bed,
and pulled out a pocket knife. He rubbed the tip across the tops of her breasts.

She began to pant...she was turned on. he slid the knife under the center of the
bra between her breasts, and swiftly cut upwards, and her breasts broke free.
She arched her back slightly, and he began to suck and nip and bite.
She moved her hips up, and he slapped her pussy, and she cried out.
He flicked her barbell hard and she screamed. He moved downwards with his mouth
and separated her moist nether lips with one stroke of his tongue and she
her ass, as her pussy let out creamy white fluid into his mouth. He began to
nibble her pussy, and suck her clit quite vigorously, stopping only to suck her
cum as it poured out, as her pussy clamped and twitched, soon his face was
covered with her.
He moved forward, as he stuck 3 fingers inside and began to pump. He kissed her
red lips and she tasted her musky essence on him and began to suck his lips.
He moved his fingers out and slammed his cock into her, and she cried his name,
as he slammed her into the headboard. "Who do you belong to?"
She moaned. He slapped her, and she stammered "You!" He looked down at her.
"Who ?" he said. She looked at him and as he fucked her harder, she screamed it
as she came. "I belong to YOU , only you!" He pulled out and came across her
breasts, as creamy white as a pure white rose.

silkysmoothlegs3 106F

12/16/2005 5:23 pm

oh god
thats was so good
silky xxxxxx

rm_TabascoX 52M/50F
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12/16/2005 6:31 pm


I love to write dark and erotic stuff.


alexand1964 53M

12/17/2005 7:05 am

Mmmmm.....very nice. Hope you write more.

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