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3/17/2006 1:38 am

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In a world full of hot slumberous honies.. you walk, eyeing to choose.
You bend down and gently stroke my fur.
My body arches, reaching up to meet you, as it awakens from a long hibernation.
Pleasure coursing through me.
Red hot coals sending fire directly to my soul.
Burning, searing, blinding in its need to give existence to every nerve along the way.
My body, tight with desire, can only gasp!
Awaiting the touch of your skin on mine, my hips undulate in a primal rhythm.
Beckoning and drawing you near!
Moans escape my lust drugged body.
I search for your mouth, drinking in your desire.
I encompass your tongue and greedily suck those juices from you.
My body torched and searing, blinds me to everything but the fire burning within.
I devour you as we mate.
My nails scraping along your back.
My pussy claiming your cock as it sucks it in, holding it tight.
My body arching up to meet you, bucks you.
Our bodies becoming one.
My mouth driven with its own volition, engulfs yours.
Taking such pleasure and pain from the burning need to make love to you.
My toes curl and I howl like a cat using all nine lives.
I fuck you with a mind driven mad with desire for you.
Our bodies tremble, riding the wave of desire as we both near our crest.
Our peaks reaching out for us, gaining strength.
We head towards the fire of our bodies flaming together, fused as one.
Our torrid embrace, so intense, my breasts crush against you.
I feel your cock, rock hard, tightening inside of me.
I feel the clenching as it fights to erupt, it's primal forces letting go.
My juices flowing down to meet yours.
Savoring the feel of your cock being gripped tightly, I let go and die a thousand times.
With one last thrust, you let go.
Your body spasms unto mine.
Our moans heightening as our bodies and minds are satiated.
Your cock and now your balls awash with our juices!
The smell of sex so intense in the room.
I feel energized and tired, yet empyreal as I come down.
My toes finally letting go of each other.
My back letting go of its final arch.
My nails unclenching, relaxingly dragging across your spine.
I cannot stop the satisfied sigh that escapes me!
I smile.
I am enamored and enchanted by all that you have done.
You have sated me, leaving me at peace for the moment!
Something that doesn't happen often, I must tell you so!
I lay back now and let the day overtake me.
Senses heightened from the pleasure within, as juices flow from my pussy!

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