Skinny Minny and his Thinny Thing!  

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4/7/2006 2:12 am

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3/12/2007 4:53 pm

Skinny Minny and his Thinny Thing!

Skinny Minny took me swimming
And stepped off of the shore..
He fell into the water
Splashing on all fours!

His thinny little member
so shriveled and so pink..
I really couldn't see it
I really had to think!

He waded in the water
He took a dive or two..
When Skinny Minny stood up
His body had turned blue!

The water was so chilly
The wind had made it cold..
Skinny and his Thinny Thing
Had started looking old!

I didn't go a-swimming
No towel we did bring..
Skinny Minny was drenched so bad
His body started ting-a-ling!

I lay upon his body
He said will you warm me please?..
His Thinny Thing started popping up
It felt like a little tease!

He wanted to put it in me
He asked me to put it inside..
I picked it up and placed it in
Not wanting to hurt his pride!

I felt a little tickle
I felt a little tease..
Then Skinnys' Thinny Thing fell out
As he began to sneeze!

Skinny he had caught a cold
Skinny couldn't stop his chill..
I didn't know which looked worse
His Thinny little Thing hanging there, or Skinny looking ill!

Now Skinny Minny he went home
I'd learned my lesson well..
If ever you come across a Thinnny Thing
Tell it to go to hell!

OK, ok..I need to stop here and I know it! lmao
have fun all you bloggers!

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