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4/19/2006 7:56 pm

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Imagine my wandering
Imagine my fire
My eyes looking at you
filled with desire

wanting to touch you
free you of your cum
taste you fully
the two of us one

Imagine us fucking
hot bodies entwined
arousal at it's peak
lust on our mind

wanting your cock
needing your meat
your balls slapping me
as you fuck me with heat

Imagine our hips
locking as you grasp
my back to you
you fucking my ass

wanting you now
as you plunge inside
hot in your prime
intense as you ride

Imagine my nipples
you grasping and kneading
my breasts bouncing
hearing me pleading

wanting you to fuck me
needing your tool
as you slip your cock in me
my ass tipped to you

Imagine my pussy
fingered by you
filled with such wetness
it's making me drool

wanting my cunt
so full of desire
to be orgasming multiples
as you fill me with fire

Imagine the release
As your cock let's go
shooting your load
in my tight little hole

wanting each other
Our bodies jerking, quaking
mind fucked, bodies spent
it's lust that we're making!

I'm here for you now..
come do the taking!
You're a devil you know..
that's always worth raking! hehehehe

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