Damn babygirl! Ya got this one on fire here!!!!!!!!  

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4/22/2006 11:15 pm

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3/12/2007 4:51 pm

Damn babygirl! Ya got this one on fire here!!!!!!!!

As I lay here looking into the eyes of the devil, I wasn't prepared for what I might see! Lo and behold, laying right there before me so close, the most beautiful pussy in all eternity!

Black as the night, chocolatey brown, pink in just the right place! Ya have to know when I saw it, I wanted you, sitting right here on my face!

My hands trembling so much I can't type, pussy throbbing so hard it would pound! I sent you a message and asked you so heartily, please would you care to cum round!

I wanted that satiny silk slit, those lips that defied all reason! Baby you know if I could have that sweet pink, I swear there'd be no end to all of the pleasin!

My taste buds were totally lost as I drooled, not knowing where, when or how! If I could have gone through this screen right here, I'd be suckin on that sweet lil clit right now!

So beautiful in all of it's glory, just sitting there looking so calm! I felt if I had just a minute of loving to show you, I'd be there rubbing your clit with my palm!

Tasting that pink in all of it's sweetness, smelling that sweet musky flavor! Teasing your clit and pleasuring you just so, licking juices that I'd love to just savor!

WOW, what a feeling this engenders, when I can only look as far as this screen! Somebody around was playing me for a fool, not letting me touch you is just simply plain mean!

I want your pussy here baby! I want to taste it's sweet mouth of desire! I want to send you over the edge doll! I want to taste every bit of your fire!

Let me caress you to the edge of reason, fill you with just the right tongue! Make your body cum for all season, make you drool, dribble, throb and hum!

Yes, you and your pussy have got me, so hot and so tightly wound, I'd cum see you in a heartbeat, and make you glad that you hung around!

Damn babygirl! I told you ..you are sooooo fine!!
I want you! Here! Now! and as long as your body is pleased to stay! Ya got me girl! uhmmmmmmmmm

lustful, aroused, hungry, wanton and turned on as hell for you girl! (I'd post a pic of u, so that others would know just why I feel this way..lol..but it ain't mine to give!)
GGGrrRRr!!!!!! tIGrr

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