Reflections: on what? where? and why?  

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6/10/2006 9:44 am
Reflections: on what? where? and why?

Six years, yes its been six years since I joined this site. and what have I discovered. just what I knew before I joined. Women are Nester's by nature. so the man that can provide the best nest. gets the pick of whats out there. and for the rest. well we get the confused or left behinds. where, you may ask are the confused and left behinds. most are hiding in the shadows. to afraid to admit they were 2nds or 3rds or not on the list at all. so they play tease games. so they can build themselves up. with your attention. but you'll never really meet them. and if you do. they'll find a way to ruin it with endless drama. how they cant pay there bills and everyones a jerk and they just want someone to love...and they joined a sex site why?. as I said there confused. So why I'm I here maybe I'm just as confused..I actual read the sites intended aim for sex. I cant build anyones nest. Ive never been on anyones list. and I really don't want to find love. I'm here for sex. no more no less. so why are so many here to tease?. or play the 20 questions game. or the 20 e-male game. Esteem is not my problem. I know what I am. 6'2" in a State that prefers 5'9". 250lbs in a State that prefers 165lbs. and white in a State that prefers anything other than. so six years........

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