And While We're O The Shaving Thing...  

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8/27/2006 5:17 pm

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And While We're O The Shaving Thing...

I had never thought of shaving my pubic hair when I was young. What was the point?, it was my stiff cock that did all the work and didn’t have hair along that anyway. It was only about 5 years ago I had started to wonder, what if?… From my previous experience with playing and fucking a shaven pussy, knowing how much pleasure that gave both parties, what would a shaven cock & balls feel like to me and to a woman? Would it turn her on? Would it feel any more sensitive to her or me?
I was home from work one afternoon, alone and yes, that curiosity got the better of me and away I went. Once the deed was done, wasn’t too sure. But once I had got over the shock of the baldness and started to masturbate, just couldn’t help but lube up the area and went to town. Oh yes!, it did it for me! The sensitivity was so much more intense. My balls felt so good to play with and just seemed to make my cock feel so much better. So from that day until now, I always shave and have never looked back.
I have unfortunately never had the experience of knowing what it is like to fuck a shaven pussy with my shaven cock. How much more sensitive does this feel to both male & female partners? Does in fact, a shaven guy turn a woman on, like it can turn a guy on?

c0uple4fun2 45M/40F

8/27/2006 6:29 pm

Yes it definitely can.

rm_silverman247 59M

10/28/2006 11:22 pm

i love my shaved cock and balls. definitly mkaes it more senitive
i know i also like shaved ladies cause there is so much more to see and no dental floss when u eat out.

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