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Disclaimer: "The following post will not reflect entirely on Sylent72. He is under the influence of alcohol..more specifically mixed drinks he made himself."

How do you tell someone you are interested in being a swinger? What was your experience the first time you brought it up? Seriously. My significant other told me that if she could do everything over again..she wouldn't. I mean we have been through some stuff. We are total opposites in everything. And I can honestly say it has been one tough ride. Nevertheless I would like to know. I am really not even that interested in the Sex part of it. Just being able to go out and have friends of the opposite sex. See I get along better with females for some reason...(NO I'm not gay!) I really do...I have some issues I have dealt with ...(read between the lines..) but I survived and I am ok. I am me. So yes to say I am not curious of what it would be like to be with another woman would be a lie. So tell me. Give me some feed back I would like some advice. I would like womens prospective and mens prospective. Life is too short to not having meaning in your life. I have met people who I have thought.."Wow! They are intersting and attractive. I wouldn't mind being in their presence longer." Then I have met people who are so intocixcating that I have to step back because I could become too attracted to them. I know, I know doen't say it. I am weird. But really I am!!! Ok thats it TTFN!

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