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This is from Lucas Alexander..I found him while searching for images on the net. I thought it would be good to comes close to summing up my beliefs...

"Everybody LOVES sex.

well, without sex we wouldn愒 be here, none of us.

the love, the sex, the drama, the union, the passion.

sex is in the mind.

an aroused male with a lusting female

going inside, in and out, up and down, that愀 no just begin...
and then you will win...and your head will spin.

kissing is outrageously sexy. a total turn-on.

it愀 not just the union between man and woman, it愀 the chase,
the need, the need to belong, the need to be loved, the need to
clime a mountain of insane desire, a fountain of body juices blending
together and climaxing with the great anticipated and needed explosion.

the orgasm is holy. to cum is to live and to be
eternally young and happy.

why fear your sexuality, no matter what and who you are attracted to.
be glad you are a
fantastic sexual being. sexplore the world and don愒 be ashamed
of your sexual intensity.

but to be faithful in a relationship is for me very important.
i need to belong and to be loved
and worshipped, almost like a GOD, ha ha......i am not ashamed of that.
i am the king of my own beloved愀 world. in her life i am the male ruler.
we unite and unite and unite, we love and we sacrifiZe.

a total god-like worship of the other.

sexual activity is MEKKA, NIRVANA, HEAVEN, The MOON,
The SUN.........everything !!!!!!!!!



(Princess Lips)

3/3/2006 8:20 am

a total god-like worship of the other



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I love this post

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