A Joke  

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A Joke

<---This picture in entitled:Another Terrorist Captured!

These jokes were told to me by one of my best friends. She is like my other half! She cracks me up!

If girls with big boobs work at hooters, where do people with one leg work at?


So a teacher is teaching her students about the five senses. So she chooses a little boy from the classroom and makes him close his eyes and she unwraps a hersheys kisses and puts it in his mouth and she asks him to guess what it is. The little boys says.."I don't know...I don't know what it is!" The teacher responds..." Come on just guess, you can do it!" Again the little boys says.."I don't know what it is!" The teacher says, "Ok, here is a hint. It is what your dad asks from your mom every morning before he goes to work." Then from the back of the classroom you can hear another student scream....."Spit it out! Spit it out! Its a piece of Ass!"

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