Risky Behavior  

rm_SxyAura 35F
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8/15/2006 3:10 pm

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10/8/2006 4:41 am

Risky Behavior

It's official, I think I'm an addict. It's not coke or meth or booze or even bud. I'm addicted to risky behavior. There is a certain high that comes from making bad decisions. Male attention can be a very fun and invigorating thing. It can also be dangerous.

Adrenaline is addictive. Maybe I should take up skydiving, I might be safer or get in less trouble. I do exaggerate though, I haven't got into that much trouble. Yet.

I had a very fun Sunday night. One of my friends had an impromptu going away party. I stay at Mike's place on the weekends (it is NOT a friends with privileges situation, he's like family) and a bunch of us carpool. I drive Mike and his girl. Joe, Mike's neighbor, drives Mike's roommates. So the party was nice, and of course I drank (I said we took my car there, I was having my friend Mike drive us home.) I can definitely hold my liqueur, so 6 or 7 beers later I was tipsy but not drunk.

Of course I had some good conversations during the party, including some flirting with Scott. Since it was Sunday night, some of the group had work in the morning and left before the others. Mike took my car with his roommates, and I was going to catch a ride by myself with Joe, the neighbor. This was unexpected, I didn't think we'd wind up alone in a car together.

Scott, the person I was flirting with, asked to drive me home. I mentioned this to Joe the neighbor, who replied that he would still drive me. It would be silly to do otherwise because he lives right where I was heading. That's probably a good thing since I can only imagine where it would have gone between Scott and I.

By the way, although all of the names have been changed, I sure hope none of them have accounts here on AdultFriendFinder.

Joe and I had messed around just a little once before, and I could tell he definitely wanted to be the one giving me a ride. We don't even kiss. There was just some playing with my breasts and some head, we didn't take it too far. I'm single but he has someone he sees once in a while.

Since then I haven't been able to get that incident out of my head. I've been so worked up about it, in a happy and excited way. It was a great time.

I look back at all kinds of incidents like that one and count it a miracle that I've been as responsible as I've been. I really haven't had many sex partners at all, and I live a conservative and restrained life, but I am addicted to the thrill of the encounter. I look forward to the next time I need a lift from a friend, or maybe just a little pick-me-up to spice up my day.

rm_annalee79 36M/39F
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8/15/2006 3:53 pm

well, i don't see where you really have a problem... you are responsible enough not to take it to far... it's not like you are waking up in a different guys bed every morning or anything... you just like to have fun... nothing wrong with that.... i like to have fun too and there is something so addicting about risky behavior.. you sound like a smart girl with a level head on her shoulders... don't be too hard on yourself...

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