Copy of Profile/Ideal person info as requested.  

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9/12/2006 1:09 pm

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Copy of Profile/Ideal person info as requested.

No promises as to how up-to-date this will be maintained...

Profile for...
I am an athlete who played college basketball. I'm remarried to a great and understanding guy (even husband 1 is a nice guy and we have 2 kids together) and we give each other the freedom to enjoy an occasional extra relationship. I still see, non-sexually, a few men I've "known" in the past and we are all good friends. We have decided, together, to limit ourselves to other married people but we are not doing any couples stuff right now.

I was born blonde and still usually am, though my hairstyles are subject to change with little notice (I've even had a buzz cut!) I am no longer skinny because having 3 kids just does things physically to the body that make that unlikely. However, I do like the bigger breasts (even if they do make playing sports a bit more uncomfortable no matter how tight the bra) and am only 4-8 pounds heavier now than I was when I graduated from college.

I'm pretty kinky and maybe should have considered posting on the AdultFriendFinder related site. I am oral, anal and I have a love of toys.

My Ideal Person:
Married only. I'm just looking to fulfill the sex lives of other married men who are not getting enough, or who have permission, like me. They must not smoke or do drugs. They must be fit and look sharp in a suit and in boxers. No bald or shaved heads, but shaving everywhere else is fine (and encouraged.) Age wise, between 29 and 43. Distance should be no greater than 20 miles, I don't care if you travel or work in this area, but your profile best place you within that 20 mile radius. Let me repeat that last sentence again: I am not entertaining people who are just dropping into town or will be in town on even a regular basis; I am not doing this on somebody else's schedule, you need to be close so you can do it when I have the time, SPONTANEOUSLY.

These men should be smart enough to understand that when I say I don't care to see their dick before we meet, that they make sure their pictures appropriately follow that requirement. And if you are a man who has a dick picture as their primary picture, it is a good bet that we are not going to meet. I don't care if you have the Louisville slugger of cocks, if that is what you think is the most important attribute you have then you are truly pathetic in my eyes.

These men should also know that I am looking for literate men. Men who can actually demonstrate a capacity for writing and writing well. You have to appeal to my intellect before I will even consider what you have for me physically.

Let the cupid settings be your guide. Does it say 100% compatible? If not, do not bother.

As a standard member, I can only reply to so many messages per day, so if you don't get a reply right away, it may just be that you need to be patient as I waste several replies on those who clearly did not respect what I have written.

The info below used to be in my auto-reply, but I think that counts against the 10 replies I can make a day so I deactivated the auto-reply and am including the info here, for your benefit.

Here is a little checklist you can use to determine if you are likely to get a reply.

Does your profile say you are married?
Did you avoid showing me your crotch?
Are you within 20 miles of my location?
Are you actually fit and healthy? (Pictorial proof helps on this one.)
Are you between the ages of 29 and 43?
Did you actually write something worth my time to read? Was it longer than 150 words or 8 sentences? Is your profile also well written and full of enough information that I find a reason to reply positively?
Was your letter and your profile well written? And with proper grammar and spelling?
If it was your first time contacting me and I had not yet replied, did you avoid violating the site rules and send me unsolicited contact information? (No matter how you might have disguised it.) I WILL report violators.I can't stand people who think they are above the rules.

If you answered NO to any of those questions then you may have a problem hearing from me. The more you answered "no", the more likely it is that you may not hear from me.

I also recommend that people read through my blogs for more details and information. (I know, you're thinking, "Cripes, more reading!!??!" Only if you really care to get my attention.)

rm_bigbird4406 53M
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9/15/2006 6:24 pm

Jen - Good evening. Just me checking in to say "Hello". Independent, athletic, honest, East side engineer. Impressive.

I am still interested in your opinion regarding my situation. Wife with terminal breast cancer, fighting heroically.

Except for our personal relationships we seem very similar. I was born and raised on the East side, and will be buried on the East side. The nut doesn't fall far from the tree. Grew up in a car loving home, and always wanted to be like Dad and make him proud. Graduating with a BSME and working for his old company, I hope has made him proud. You see Jen, he never graduated from high school. Was forced to help support the farm and get a job at Dodge Brothers. This was 1923. Worked his way up from sweeping floors to line supervisor. Instilled in me the belief of honor, respect, commitment.

He gave me a passion for people and cars. To keep my sanity, I routinely can be found fixing, maintaining, restoring my two old cars. Actually, my first love was for Lake St. Clair and my boat. But my wife's cancer, and our commitment to fight it, forced it's sale. Priorities. There is plenty of time for another boat.

My mother was his third wife, as he outlived the first two. I was Mom's only child, and Dad's only son. Strangely enough, I've got two half sisters that are as old as my mother! See them all often. The "girls in my life". Mother worries about me alot. I still insist on caring for her, cutting her grass, shoveling snow.. Visit as often as I can. But my number one priority is my sick wife. We've just taken a turn for the worse, as the cancer is making it's way through her spine. Once infused in the bone, the cancer softens the vertebrae, and they can collapse under the pressure of the column.. She is in pain, and we are waiting for surgery to relieve pain and avoid paralysis. She's in God's hands. All I can do is be there to support her, care for her and let her know she's not alone.

So my conscience, and heart wish to understand a woman's view of my situation. Being 41, healthy, active, honest (but not to the point to hurt her feelings), financially secure, educated (pursuing my MBA), and hard working, is what I am feeling normal? Is my desire to fill this void in my life acceptable? Jen, you strike me as a very honest, intelligent, and up front woman. Your opinion and viewpoint would be appreciated.

Very Sincerely,


rm_SweatyJeny 49F
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9/15/2006 8:31 pm

My first comments, based solely on your profile are:
Not enough detail, too many "prefer not to say" entries, need better photos, clean up the grammar (it's not horrible though)...

Regarding your situation, I'd say that this would be an extremely bad time for you to be seeking a sexual relationship outside of your marriage. If she was stable or in remission or even progressing steadily, I might see it as more acceptable. There are big differences between spouses can but choose not to, spouses who can't but are otherwise okay and spouses who can't and really need every bit of support. Emotionally, for your part, I would expect you would suffer some serious guilt for any dalliances performed while she was in the latter situation.

rm_bigbird4406 53M
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9/16/2006 1:40 pm

I'm already suffering Jen. Guilt of a misdiagnosis has riddled me for over 6 years now. But you may be right....What am I doing here? I just need to push through the pain and get through this. I'll be a better man in the end. Good Luck to you Jen.

rm_bigbird4406 53M
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10/30/2006 10:49 am

Jen - It brings me sadness to inform you that my wife of 15 years passed away Saturday, ending her 6 1/2 year battle to terminal breast cancer. She as my hero. Just to let you know, there is no guilt, or extreme sadness. There is relief, calm and love felt now. Her years of pain and suffering are over, she is at peace. With the friend's and family's support, I was able to give her the care and attention she needed during her battle. I would not have been able to do it otherwise.

I disagreed with your comments regarding feeling guilt and remorse, from the beginning, but I was in no mood to debate it with you. It is difficult to understand what a patient or caregiver feels and needs during the battle, unless you are in their shoes. I have found through experience and doctors, that the best way to know what a patient/caregiver needs or feels while going through the ordeal is simply to ask. As for being her caregiver, I had specific needs that would allow me to continue offering her the care and love she deserved to the end. I required care too. I am now able to look myself in the mirror and say "I did the best I could to care for her. I didn't do everything perfectly, but it was good enough, and she died with comfort and dignity." That Jenny, is what life is all about. Devotion to the end, with comfort, love and dignity.

singlenow2005 47M

12/22/2006 6:27 pm your honesty and profile. NOT looking to meet with you or anything...just wanted to say that you are one great looking woman...hope you are meeting and having fun with the right person/people!!!


ShuntFicheAnion 39M

1/26/2007 10:05 am

bigbird4406, I am sorry to hear your wife passed away, but how does your dick get hard at a time like that? I am reading this interesting profile, checking out her blogs and I come across something like this?

backagn4playtime 48M
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5/11/2008 12:26 pm

Jenny you still here??? LOL

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