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To The...

....Woods, To The Woods !!!

Chapter One. Your Surprise!!!

Off To Bluebell Woods.
It's the height of summer, the birds are singing and the sun is beating down. I'm sitting on a dry stone wall, looking up the hill to your house, waiting for you to appear. It's too hot to climb the hill today, baby, I'll just wait for you here.
You're going to be late again, I just know it !

As I wait an idea comes to me and I decide to get your attention. I walk around behind the houses and begin my journey up the hill, taking the scenic route. I take my time and notice how the sun is beating down hard, the bees are buzzing and the birda are singing. All is right with the world. I pluck a long stalk of grass and begin to chew it, mmm..that's better, it moistens my mouth and tastes so sweet and summery. The smells in the meadow are divine, the summer blossoms wafting in the breeze, releasing their sweet, intoxicating aromas. I want to lie in the long grass and imbibe them, not right now, though, for I have you on my mind......and I wish you were on my body too. I am just about to rectify the situation though.
It's been a long, leisurely climb and I can feel you near. I imagine you getting ready for our tryst and I catch a glimpse of you as you pass your bedroom window. You are so tardy lover, I smile as I watch you rush from room to you. You must feel my gaze and you come to the window, looking out. I dodge behind a hedge, I'm not ready to reveal myself to you yet. You're shirtless too, so, as soon as you avert your gaze I pop my head around the hedge and ogle you. Just look at, but you're a fine specimen of manhood, my lover. I want you so much, I feel myself becoming moist and thirsty, at the same time..all my bodily fluids rushing to my pussy, I guess.
My thirst gives me an idea and I march up to your back door and the knocker sharply. I hear you hurtling down the stairs and know I have enough time to position myself, draped on your sunbed, affording you a marvellous view of my stocking tops.
The door bursts open, you never do things by halves, do you dear? It takes you a minute to register it's me, since I have a key and have no need of knocking. You look down at me; you're still shirtless and my eyes are devouring you. For want of repeating myself, I want you. omg, how I want you. Your gaze travels down my body, I start to squirm a little, knowing where your glance will come to rest. You stay where you are, about six feet away, but I can tell you're aroused, my darling. It's evident !
You finally speak and your voice is low and husky with lust. God how that turns me on, everything you do seems to turn me the whole package that is you is all so wonderful to a girl, my love.
"What are you playing at?" you drawl , at me.
"Exactly," say I, "I'm playing and you're playing too..ok?"I tell you I'm thirsty from my long trek up the hill and could I come in and have a drink of water, please Mr? You step back , allowing me to pass without even touching me. All the tiny hairs on my arms stand to attention as I pass close by you, feeling your body heat, tiny electric shocks , passing between us. I breath in deeply, as I pass by you, taking in your masculine aroma. You close the door and encircle me with your arms, biting the back of my neck. You know I'm putty in your hands when you knuzzle my neck, so you carry on, expertly, I might add. Your soft, sweet lips nearly bring me to orgasm, right there. I pull away from you, reluctanly and ask for my water. You stride across to the sink and run the water, making it lovely and cold for me. I'm watching you and you're watching me. I suspect you're wondering what's going on, but I have our afternoon all planned out, lover. I just know you're going to love every second too. As you look for a glass, I start to unbutton my white, cotton dress. I know you're aware of what I'm doing when your hand fumbles and nearly drops the glass. You rescue it just in time and clearing your throat, you turn to me. "You know what you do to me, don't you, you hussy?" your voice so low I have to strain to make out your words. The air is charged with sexual tension as you carry on your task and I carry on slowly stripping for you. My dress is unbuttoned to my waist now, my breasts on show, nipples pert and pink, needing my man on them, sucking heartily..mmm. They have a sheen of sweat on them..a glow..a summery glow about them. Raising and falling, my breathing becoming more rapid as you approach, glass in hand. I hold my hand out for the drink and gesture you to sit, which you do readily, pulling your chair closer, so that I am within reach. I take a swallow of the cool clear water, for I really am thirsty and placing the glass on the counter, I reach over, affording you a lovely view of my full, creamy orbs. As a matter of fact they're almost in your face, I can feel your breath on them, making my nipples stand out even more. I take my time flicking the switch on the stereo, I rather like your breath on my quivering breasts. I draw away from you as the music begins, a slow, sultry jazz number, with a persistent samba backbeat. I start to sway to the music, my hands on my hips, lips pouting provocatively at you. I carry on unbuttoning myself..showing you more and more of my sexy, silk undies as I venture further. At last I reach the hem. All my undies are pristine white today. All silk and lace and femininity, I am for you, my lover. My musky, womanly scent mingles with that of my perfume and I notice it has the desired effect on you and I giggle girlishly, as I sway closer to you. I sashay over, to the sultry beat of the music, the driving rhythm drawing me toward you, closer, closer, I come. You're fully erect now, I can make out the shape and the mass of your manhood through your jeans. As I come closer you arrange your goodies into a more comfortable position. One which allows you to grow a little more. Denim is so contricting sometimes, my lover, especially when a man has a dangerous bit as huge as yours..well, do I hardly need to mention it, you know the feeling, I'm ..mmm.
I'm behind you now lover, whispering my plans for the afternoon to you. You shake your head and say why can't we just get down to business right here, right now, I reply that it is summer and time for some al fresco loving, my dear. I start to massage your neck and shoulders, I draw closer to you and rest your head between my breasts. Now, doesn't that feel wonderful, baby? Massaging your temples, the tiny circular movements of my fingertips soon relax you. You close your eyes and try to capture the moment, keep it safe in your memory bank for when we're not together, taking it out for comfort and solace when needed.
I stand and walk around to the front of you. "Do you like the view, kind sir?" I ask, in my southern belle voice. "I sure do," you answer, pulling me to you onto your lap. Your arms trap me to you. Your lips find mine. Your tongue enters my mouth, you kiss me deeply. I am in heaven, but I won't be swayed from my mission, namely, getting you outside and into our woods, our bluebell woods.
I pull away and look into your eyes.."I love you know that , don't you, darling?" I whisper into your ear and you nod and carry on kissing me, until my lips feel bruised and sore and wonderful. Pulsating and tingling and wanting more. My body gives itself away at every turn, this longing I have for you is evident for all to see. My breasts heaving from your sexy, lust-filled kisses, yet I manage to pull myself away from you. stand and open my dress fully, now it's your turn to devour me with your eyes, baby. I give you a twirl and my slip raises up flashing the naked flesh above my stocking tops. You reach out for me and I knock your hand away, playfully and commence to fasten up all the buttons down the front of my dress.
"That's a lovely dress", you say and I thank you. I see the lovelight in your eyes and know you'll do just about anything for me..It makes me feel all warm and wanted inside hun, that you should want me so.
I ask you to go upstairs and watch where I walk...out across the meadows and off into our bluebell woods in the distance. Once I reach the edge of the woods I want you to follow me. I know your long legs will soon cover the ground and I want to reach our destination, before you, darling, so that I might set the scene and pour the champagne I left there earlier.
I'm away across the meadow now and I turn to see you at the window once more. I see you waving and I wave back, secure in the knowledge that you will soon be with me again. kissing and caressing me, teasing and tormenting, touching and fondling, lusting and loving, my lover. I blow you a very big. exaggerated kiss and turn to complete my journey
Come to me now, I'm ready for you, darling...

To be continued... ...yummy!!!
Have a happy day, people, I will. Bye now.

Luv n needy stuff {=} Susie {=}

ilsgicemru 73M
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5/24/2006 9:16 am

....................... My Susie

I still can't believe that when you wrote this . you wrote it for me !! .. And did you revive it for me as well ? .. I am honored if you did !! .. It is such a well written story . full of the emotions of "new love" .. Why can't we have that more often with our long time relationships ? .. I know that it is possible if both partners would work for it .. And what a lofty goal .. Worth all of the work !!

Thanks !!

....................... ils

rm_SusieQ27 47F
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5/24/2006 11:53 pm What work? Shouldn't it come naturally,darlin?

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

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