The Meeting.....  

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The Meeting.....

...And Loving!!!

The Outcome.

Suddenly, there he is sleek, stylish.. and very, very dangerous. He paces towards you, like a jungle cat. The crowd parts, his feline grace mesmerises you and suddenly you are in his arms. He crushes you to him,, his hand sliding down your to your trembling posterior, giving it a lustfull squeeze. His eyes seem to be looking into the very depths of your soul, garnering all your innermost secrets, storing them away, for later use. His mouth covers yours and his tongue begins it's wonderful seduction.
Make no mistake about it woman, your mouth is being expertly investigated. How you wish you were alone, so the exploration didn't have to stop there.
He relaxes a little and swings you gracefully onto the dancefloor. How he moves his fine, firm body against yours is tantamount to making the sweetest love. Here he comes again, pulling you to him, grinding his body against yours, faster and faster, to the rhythmic, pulsating beat. Pulling away from you again, you crook your finger at him and he 'soft- shoe-shuffles' over to you. How much more of this can you stand ? This man deserves to be horizontal, preferably between your thighs, enjoying himself..and you.
This all becomes too much for you and you virtually drag him from the dancefloor and into a secluded corner. Yours hands are all over him, and he kisses you again, a slow, tender, lingering kiss, igniting your passion even more.

"I'll book us a room,"...

he whispers to you, in a break from kissing. All you can do is nod, 'cus you don't expect your vocal cords to perform just at that moment.
As he books the room, you sit and try and compose yourself. The delicious feeling of.."about to be jolly-well fucked"..seeps into your psyche, you turn, just as he beckons you to join him. resisting the urge to run to him, you sashay over,take his arm and mount the stairs, to your room..

heaven awaits..

,,,and the rest is history.

Luv n lusty, lingering,loving stuff {=} Susie {=}

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