Oh No, Not Another....  

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1/29/2006 11:58 pm

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Oh No, Not Another....

Joke !!!

So I said,'Why don't you stick it where the sun don't shine?' and so he did. He put it in the cupboard, under the stairs and it hasn't been mentioned since...

What did you think of it then?...lol. it's ok, just my warped sense of humour..lol.

Joke no. 2..lol.

I lost my sense od smell during W.W.1. I was cyling down Bond Street, just over there, and I got knocked down by a G.P.O. van.
Never smelt a thing since !..lol.

Joke no. 3..lol.

I'd like children, I really would, but t's just the thought of all the actual..you know...all that yucky.....and they say that giving birth is pretty horrible too..lol.

Joke no. 4..lol.

Secret vices? I don't know. Rather too fond of chocolate Hob Nobs. My boyfriend tells me I overdo the heroin. Otherwise, no, not really..lol.

Joke no. 5..lol.

I had a blue hat once but a dog chewed it up, shredded it to bits, he did. I went to his owner and said.'Look here, your dog has eaten my hat!'
He said, 'I don't bloody care.' So, I said, 'I don't like your attitude,' he said 'It's not my 'at 'e chewed, it's your 'at 'e chewed.'..lol.

How did you find them , fellow bloggers? I do hope some of them made you chuckle. An essential ingredient for a happy life is to keep your chuckle-muscle well-oiled..lol. bye for now. P.s. Even the baba, in the pic, look cheesed-off ..lol.. check out the dummy..pacifier..whatever !!!..lol.

Luv n stuff,.....Susie.........

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