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How To...

...Preserve Fruit.

In Other Words..We're Jammin'

This recipe should make 2lbs of jam, you can increase the quantities and cooking times accordingly. However, remember to allow headroom, for the jam to boil or you'll be in a mess.
1lb of hulled and washed soft fruits.
1lb of granulated sugar.

One microwave, 800W (you will need to adjust your timings according to the wattage of your microwave)
One large, preferably glass, microwaveable
bowl. I use an automatic washing machine door, for my jam making. It's perfect for the task at hand: glass, heatproof, large and sturdy.
Also, I can see through it to check on the jam's progress.
Make sure there is plenty of headroom for the jam to bubble up in, when it boils. It expands quite a lot and if your bowl isn't big enough your microwave is going to be in a right state. Also, be very careful, 'cus it gets extremely HOT.
Some scrupulously clean glass jars and their lids, for jam containment
1, tray, to arrange your jam jars onto, whilst pouring in the jam.
1, long-handled spoon, for jam stirring.
1, slim ladle for spooning the jam into the jars. You can pour it, but, if you don't judge the flow precisely, it goes everywhere and you're left with a right mess, again.
One glass, 1/2 full, with cold water, for testing the setting of the jam.
1 squidgy implement, for emptying the bowl, thereby, causing the least wastage of your precious jam.
1 dishwasher, on standby,just in case of any jammy mishaps.

Step 1: Wash your hands.
Wash the jars and their lids, thoroughly.
Turn your oven onto the lowest setting and pop your drip-dried jars into it. They are left while you prepare the jam, thereby becoming sterile. The lids are left to drip dry. Do not put them into the oven.
Hull and wash your fruit and place into the large, microwaveable bowl.

So, you have your hulled and washed soft fruit, in your large bowl. It needs to be large because the jam is going to boil and you don't want it to spill over the edges and make a right mess of your microwave, do you?
Don't put the jar lids in the oven, along with the jars, just make sure they are scrupulously cean. Wash them in hot water and leave them to drain.
Cook the fruit for 5 mins, on full power and it should be all nice and soft, when you, CAREFULLY, take it out and stir it well. It gets extremely hot, that's why I use a washing machine door: it's perfect for the job. You then add your sugar and stir until it is all dissolved.
Microwave, on full power, for a further five minutes. By the way, these timings are for a 800W microwave, you'll have to adjust the times according to the wattage of yours'... ok?
You stir it well again and microwave for two minutes at a time, thereafter. Stirring and checking if the jam is at setting stage after each further 2 min intervals.
You check if the jam is at the setting stage by having a glass, half full of water and when you drip a little jam into the water, if it keeps it's shape,( forms a globule), it's ready..ok, jammers?

That's all there is to it.

Set it to one side, to cool somewhat and when it has cooled down considerably, take your jars from the oven. I place mine on a tray and if there is any spillage you can clean up easier..ok?
I use a slimline ladle to spoon mine into the can pour it in, but, if you misjudge the flow, it goes everywhere!
The less cleaning up, the better, is what I always say.
You can buy some stick-on labels, on which to print the date it was preserved and add some witty name, if you want to.
There you go, I think, I've remembered everything..happy of Bob Marley there, I think.

Singing now.."We're jammin', we're jammin'..We're jammin', we're jammin', hope you like jammin too!"

I grow my own raspberries and there is nothing better than to nurture your plants, until they provide the fruits and then pick, hull and wash , cook, preserve and finally eat it..preferably on some hot, buttered toast, on a winter's morning. Then you can reminisce about the summer and the harvest ..and most of all, the delicious smell as it cooks..fills the kitchen with a lovely fruity aroma, it does.

The pic is nothing at all to do with jamming..I'd like to 'preserve' him though, for all that..pickle his love handles in lovely. gooey, raspberry jam..and then lick it off slowly, at a later date, when I would eat him ALL up. Mmm, yummy to the max.

Happy jammin..............{=}

Luv n sticky stuff {=} Susie {=}

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