Calling All Ass Kickers  

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Calling All Ass Kickers

'Come Kick Some Ass'.. A song for ..'

Ben and Don are a pair of country boys: Ben has a guitar and Don has a very creepy

Ben: My brother and I would like to sing a song for you now, but we can't. At least my brother Don can't, bein' as how he suffered a strange musical accident when he was young, that caused him lasting and considerable damage. So if it's all the same to you, my brother Don will just sit here and tap along to the rhythms in his head.

This song is called 'There Ain't But No Way'.

(Starts to play)(sings)

The world is facin' problems,
Gettin' bigger every day,
We got a greenhouse over Texas,
And recession's on it's way,
There's hunger in the third world,
There's anger in the first,
Half the world is floodin',
And the other dyin' of thirst,
But tho' people they may tell you,
That this world is dying fast,
I ain't seen a problem yet,
Can't be solved by kickin' ass,
Kickin' ass!

DON: Kickin' ass!

BEN: Kickin' ass is what we do,
Kickin ass.

DON: Kickin' ass!
BEN: Iron foot in a velvet shoe,
We don't care whose ass we kick,
If we're ever alone,
We just stand in front of the mirror,
And try to kick our own,
We kicked the ass of Grenada
We've kicked ass in Iraq
We've kicked the ass out of the ozone layer
Now they say we gotta kick back
We'll kick the ass of cancer
We'll kick the ass of Aids
And as for global warming
We'll just kick ass wearing shades.

DON: Kickin' ass!

BEN: Kickin' ass is what we do
Kickin' ass

DON: Kickin' ass

BEN: Iron foot in a velvet shoe
We don't care whose ass we kick
If we're ever all alone
We just stand in front of the mirror
And try ro kick our own
Yes you can move your ass
Haul your ass
And bustin' ass is fine
And there aint a better place to put your ass
Than on the line
but if you're like us
And you won't take second best
You'll put your kickin' boots on
And kick like all the rest.

Thought provoking, isn't it? I can just imagine two rednecks singing it as

Luv n stuff, fellow bloggers, Luv n stuff, twice over....Susie......

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2/3/2006 10:00 pm one likes my ass kickers song then. That does surprise Surely it elicits some kind of

Luv n stuff to

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