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A Lovers


Hello there, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in my earthy ramblings. I would like to know if you would like to read the erotic machinations of my tender, filthy mind.
I will be grateful if you would tell me what you think of my love story. Aawww.

A Small Sample, Or Is It ?

They see each other. They know. Rather, they sense it. The power drawing them together across the vast ballroom. He glances her way, hoping to catch her eye. She spies him looking and is tranfixed by his azure gaze. She feels her heart racing, as he approaches, her bossom heaves, pushing her creamy orbs even higher, trying to burst from the sheer chiffon, which surrounds them. A chiffon and silk gown, pale green, such a lovely colour, to match our heroine's eyes. He is almost upon her and she feels her heart must stop. Surely, an overload of heartbeats, can't be good for anyone. He holds out his hand to her. She glances down and sees what he holds out to her. It makes her heart skip a beat and as she reaches for it she feels the blood pounding in her head. Hears its banging rhythm before she crumples , in a heap, onto the hardwood dancefloor. The suitor's gift is cast from his hand and is lost among the throng.
"Give the girl some air," our handsome hero commands to the suffocating crowd. They melt away like mists on an autumn morning , at his imperial tone. He must be of royal lineage, to be of such proud bearing.
Our hero, scoops his fragile bundle of womanhood up easily from the cold, unforgiving floor. He notices hispoor girl has a livid bruise on her temple, he bends his head to her and tenderly brushes his lips to the injured spot, as softly as a butterfly's wing, his lips caress her. As he lays her down, on a pillowbox-red chaise long, in an adjoining room, she looks so small and helpless, her fragile form hardly covering half the scarlet brocade of her resting place. Her eyelids flutter open for amoment. She sees him as if in a dream and bestows a smile so lovely upon him he is smitten all over again. As he lays his cool hand against her brow he wonders how many more times this ravishing, flame-haired temptress will bind his heart, with her most sensual of smiles. How many times, he wonders can he endure it, until his need to possess her overcomes his gallantry and he violates her pure, penitent body. It will be penitent and it will be his fault entirely. He needs to get away, to collect his thoughts. He wants this girl more than anyone who has gone before. He is captivated by her: enchanted, after just one glance, one caress, one fleeting tender kiss.
As he strides away, his love awakes and in shallow, whispered tones calls after him.."Don't leave me."
He turns and covers the distance between them in three easy strides. Taking her into his arms his face buried in her soft, curls, he imbibes her aroma and with a cry from his heart his voice reassures her, "Never, my darling, I'll never leave your side again.
How long will I love you? As long as there are stars above you, I will want you, need you, love you...and longer , if I may?"

To be continued, sometime soon...

Luv n stuff, dearhearts {=} Susie {=}

rm_SusieQ27 47F
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5/11/2006 10:58 am

Nips..ok, hun, maybe later.
Look, I'm blushing just thinking about the next instalment. Wel, my words are, at least..
I'm glad you enjoyed it, lover. Thank you for commenting.

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

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