First Orgasms... How was yours??  

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3/16/2005 11:47 am

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First Orgasms... How was yours??

Hey bloggers... let's get some responses going! Respond and get 30 points plus a chance to share a 1st sensual experience. A.F.F gives us a slot to describe loosing our virginity. But what about that 1st orgasm? I bet that's another memorable event. I can recall mine like it was yesterday. But it was actually in the cummer, er summer of 1962.

As a 6th grader I was just getting interested in girls. I loved looking at lingerie ads in the family Sears and RoeFuck, er Roebuck. And back then magazines like Playboy, Cavalier, Argosy, True Story, Modern Detective, etc all had some pretty hot pictures for the times and were readily available to browse at the five and dime news-stand as long as the store manager didn't shoo you off... I know it seems such a naive way to get sex ed, but the sixties were a different time and my parents were not the type to tell their three sons what sex was all about... we had to learn somewhere!

Looking at those pictures sure made my cock hard... but it wasn't until one day in the shower.. well, I was soaping up my cock (see this thread's icon for an intro to Lil Surching), he was getting hard in my hands and the water jets were hitting that spot right below my cock's head on the shaft's bottom side and it was feeling SOOOO good... I finally just stood there feeling that warm water on my cock and the tingling from the jets so good all through my erection... then suddenly I started feeling weak kneed and my cock starting tightening... then it started throbbing and spurting and oh it was fantastic... scary too though.. my folks never gave me the birds and the bees speech so I didn't have a clue... I thought I had broken something!

I slid down the side of the shower watching the jism spurt out of me and swirl down the drain... I felt so weak and wonderful.. and wondering who i could ask about this and what it was!!

I spurted out the last of my cum then decided not to tell anybody.. but over the next 8 years I took a lot of showers, practiced stroking Lil Surching in a lot of different ways and found out many ways to make my cock feel good! And to this day, it is still a real turn on for me to watch a guy or gal masturbate... what a hot way to be a voyeur.

Tell me all about your 1st orgasm guys and gals... I've shown you mine; I'd love to hear about yours!!

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