John Lennon was Right  

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8/25/2006 3:54 pm
John Lennon was Right

I know it's going to be a bit of a red flag for me to kinda sponsor another website but I think this is kinda interesting when you stop and think about it for a few moments in time.

As of late I have become a huge fan of where you can find a video of just about anything. Well....not entirely everything. There is nothing on there that is remotely pornographic or adult related material on there for a person to watch. But I have come across various old 80's videos, movie clips, anime shorts done to another artist, sometimes entire movies in general (like the Mystery Theater 3000 shows that were done on Comedy Central).

Anyway.....I came across the video of John Lennon doing the song "Imagine". Now,....I consider that song to be one of the top 10 or 50 or even 100 songs that is on my list of favorites. If you have ever listened to is quite possibly the most relevant song of any generation. Heck,...I even have the song downloaded on my computer. But listening to that song and it's overall message.....I began to think of something completely unique to me that I put somewhere in the back of my mind years ago.

For a long time I was without means of transportation of my own and had to take a bus to and from places and it was about a 2 mile hike or so down to the nearest bus stop. But taking the bus wasn't all that bad. Every once in a while I saw a mother and her son get on the bus to whatever destination they were going to. The son was at least 15 or 17 years old or so and was mentally handicapped. He would be there looking at the world around him and making these inarticulate grunts as his mother would be there as his protecter. But...for a few fleeting moments,....I felt very envious of this kid who just stared into space and even wondered what it would be like to be in his position for just a little while.

Think about this for a few moments.
We live in a world that has war, violence, crime, drugs, poverty, corruption and a few other extremely ugly things. Yes,....there is a degree of beauty and good in this world when it is there....but we also have a lot of fucked up things.
But just try to imagine yourself in that same position as that boy on the bus. We only see what we would want to. We wouldn't have to see the overall ugliness that is out there...or even if we were that lucky enough, wouldn't be there at all.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss....but only if it is in a positive way.

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