Purity test  

rm_Statler73 45M
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7/6/2006 5:00 am
Purity test

Ok my terst score is average I know, I'm a Mr average anyway so no surprise for me.

Anyhow a AdultFriendFinder friend has asked me to divulge to the AdultFriendFinder world how did I acieve this score. I'm assumeing they don't mean by me checking the boxes, they want a real life scenario.

So I loked and its very hard to explain circumstances or scenarios, e.g. buying contraceptives ok was in supermarket put in trolley voila.

So I really need to think of an interesting example, now I guess my opinion on interesting and others might be different. However here is a case in point.

Once upon a time I was working in a far distant land, in Geneva in fact. Well remeber how people stereotype the swiss as boring well I understand why. However I must admit there is a pretty good ex-pat social life. Anyway before I found this out things were boring, all work no play.

Unfortuantely this was pre-AdultFriendFinder days however international communication helped. Fortunately I knew an Italian girl (how we met is a different story) who lived near Florence. So after a few e-mails/phone calls I arranged to travel down, to relieve some frustration. I skipped day of work "sick" took the train down, had a great time. So I guess I'd have to admit I traveled over mountaind and international borders just to have sex. Was it worth it definitely, if in the same situation would I do it again YES. Have I done it since that, yes but must admit not in a few years, oh the yearnings to be an international traveller again, lol.

So this is an example how people can really tot up (or down) the points in the purity test.

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