A strange day  

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9/28/2005 5:49 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A strange day

Although it is rare for me to be on in the evenings GMT time the last two nights I have tried. Only to be completely denied on Monday, spent about 1/2 hour trying.

Then yesterday was better but kept getting kicked out. Thank god I'm a cheap b*****d and only have standard membership, otherwise I'd have been very annoyed to pay for the service.

Anyway I got on, and into a chatroom etc. then a seemingly nice lady asked me to private chat on MSN so I did. Things going well, too well whats going on?

So after a 5-10 mins off where are you from etc. She says to me do you want to see me on web-cam etc. So I say yes, so she says me and Michelle (never heard her name mentioned previous) are going just going to do a show, please go to this website address.

She then says as it is and adult site I'll have to enter credit card details to verify I'm an adult but as I am a "special friend" once I'm in she'll show me a way to get free access to the site.

Hmmm, I said (as I picked myself off the road beneath the open truck loading door) maybe I'll decline. Then I get a chat back saying "I'll see you there".

Obviously the whole thing is a scam with some semi-intelligent robot application coming onto this site to entice men into other sites and obviously scam them. Needless to say my MSN account address is probably been put on every porn mailing list as we speak.

So I guess the only thing to say is if things are apeearing too easy then take a step back before you pay, big time.

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