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rm_StaticExtasy 29M
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8/2/2006 8:44 am
Life Today

Sometimes life can really be a bitch! With just graduating school 3 months and still no job offers. If i could just lose enough weight i would honestly go into the navy like most of my family has.

I've always been a nut when it comes to the navy and i will still continue to try and lose wieght to join but in the mean time i really need to get a job. I've been looking since we moved to this area and still no luck. Whats a guy with no experience gotta do to get a job? haha

It sucks being new in town but I learned part of the area quickly. I still don't have my license either, everyones to busy to help me get it. It's a tough life but it will get better...soon I hope.

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