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12/2/2005 1:53 am

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New Kid on the Blog

12 viewers last i checked !

HAHAHA Suckers ! dont you feel the fools !

Well, i'm killing time jotting things down here in between hands in an on line poker tournament. It will keep me from being an idiot and playing bad cards .. hey anything to help! ..

oh no wait i lost.

yeah poker .. The new 'American Dream'. How fast it's grown from card rooms to television, and into everyone's home through the beautiful net. Now everyone (including myself) thinks "pfft, i can do that" seeing now in the Canadian Poker Tour people that have taken cards up in the last 6 months winning $100k titles. People Like Greg Reimer and Chris Moneymaker making it to the WSOP title from on line satalite tournaments. How many people are becomming obsessed and sacrifice jobs, only to find out it's not that easy. Maybe that risk is what a lot of us love about it. Seeing hundreds of dollars worth of chips splash accross the felt brings a huge rush, followed by either victorious glee or pained loss. It's the new drug.

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