Something Different.....  

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5/30/2005 12:50 am

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Something Different.....

OK since I could not sleep last night (all night) I decided to try something different so I wrote this ficitonal cyber sex session and then in itallics under each post wrote the 'real world' translation of what would actually be happening if these two charecters met....

Unfortunately I wrote this in word so pasting it here looses all the formats.. you may or may not be able to figure out what is going on.

If you want a copy of the original word version, then hey e-mail me. If your female you will have course have to sleep with me in return....

REAL Cyber sex…. (With reality check Commentary from Squdgyguts…

Big_Boy: A/S/L?

Your existence is meaningless to me, I only want imaginary sex.

Take_me_now: 22 ‒ F ‒ Your Dreams <giggle>

Mid 40’s - Which species?- Clapton-on-Sea

Big_Boy: Hi, I’m 27 ‒ Dark hair- smouldering black eyes ‒ olive skin ‒ 6’2” ‒ 187 ‒ great abs- 9” Cut. What about you?

I’m 15(nearly), my hair is dirty. The Lasec surgery went wrong, I have a skin complaint. Should read 62”, weight is right, I have a knockvurst in my pocket.

Take_me_now Blonde hair, blue eyes, big boobs, narrow waist and a tight
hungry pussy

I wear a wig, oh and coloured contacts. My tits waved at my navel as they past each other 5 years ago. Fancy a doughnut? Tie a plank across your ass kiddo- you don’t wanna fall in!

Big_Boy Hey baby wanna go into a private room and try something special?

Never having touched a girl I’m about to cum

Take_me_now : Sure thing big_boy you gonna make me moan?

My husbands out drinking beer ‒ BASTARD! Hope this one can type one handed….

Big_Boy: I’ll treat you fine TMN gonna lick you till you scream and take you ‘till dawn.

I’m having cyber with 3 other women. I have a copy and paste list set up for cunnilingus. I’ll wank myself silly in 3 minutes

Take_me_now. Yea baby sounds so good, tell me more. How you going to do me. My panties are soooo wet.

Is he typing slower?Oh god I hope this one has more ideas and an IQ in double figures. Did I finish the ironing?, I need clean pants for the morning.

Big_boy: I’m moving close to you, you can smell my manliness. I’m kissing your neck and sliding my tongue down to your shoulder and running it over your collar bone, lower, lower lower…..

Well I’m gonna get started. I think not bathing is sexy. I have no idea what a woman’s clothing covers

I can taste you, taste the scent of you between your breasts. Feel your heart through your breastbone beating to the pulse of my body.

We learnt about pheromones last week at school it was kewl Oh and I read a Jackie Collins novel for research.

Take_me_now Oh yes…yes… please

Get on with it!

Baby feels so good, I’m running my hands down your body, I can feel your hardness pulsing through your jeans. I want it, I want you inside me. I’m grabbing your hard cock through your jeans. Does it feel good baby?

Better get him moving I’ll grab his cock

Big_Boy Yes. Feels good. I’m unbuttoning your blouse, flicking open the buttons one by one, slowly slowly letting it fall open to reveal the silky lace of your bra and the full curve of your heaving breast. I can feel your rock hard nipples in the palm of my hand.

Shit she’s gonna have my cock out before I see her tits, better get a move on! Damn how does this bra open anyway, seems to have a complicated catch. Bugger did I just pinch her skin?

Take_me_now Ahhhh, ohhhh please more, more. I’m pulling your shirt over your head and running my tongue around you rock hard abs. Your trousers are bulging and I slowly unzip your fly…

Fucking asshole that was my skin! Here let me do it. (Reaches behind her and undoes bra). S’pose I should get his cock out

Big Boy I reach behind you and unclip your bra, damn those are fine breasts. I slide the bra slowly from your shoulder, drinking in your milky white breasts, sucking your engorged cherry nipples.

Hey how did you do that? (picks up discarded bra and starts playing with fastener to try and figure it out) Guess there must be a trick to this…
Take_me_now I’m sliding your jeans down over your lean hips, your manhood springs up in your boxers inviting me, teasing me…

Hey asshole! I’m over here (folds arms across naked breasts and taps feet waiting)

Big_boy I kneel before you and slide your panties over your hips, your neat bush is inches from my face and I can smell your excitement, I bury my face in you, tasting you, eating you, my tongue runs around your clit, darting in and out of the silky wetness, your juices flood my mouth and I drink of woman.

Oh yea sorry. So ermm like I go down on you now then right? Ermm I don’t want to be rude or anything but would you mind nipping to the bathroom and washing it first… If that’s ok and everything?

Take_me_now Yes…Yes…YESSS ohmigod more yes do that more…

<Incredulous> What? Have you ever done this before or fucking what?

Big_boy I slide two fingers inside of you, turned upwards and
I call your body forward with my finger tips, my tongue laps your clit whist my fingers curl into your g-spot, your back arches to me as your shove your pussy into my face, harder harder, I can’t get enough of you.

S…Sorry, no its Ok I just kind of got a hair once and it made me wretch and everything. But no.. lets do this thing. <Bends head and tentatively licks> is this ok, the pressure right and everything? I’ll put a couple of fingers in too OK?

Take_me_now Argghhhh, your killing me. I push you away and rip down your boxers, your manhood springs up and I wrap my hand around it. Fuck, I whisper, its gorgeous. I lick the end of your cock, lapping gently around the tip. Wanking you gently with one hand and cupping your balls with the other. I take you in my mouth sliding down the shaft, swallowing in as much of you as I can take.

OWWWW, that’s delicate OK stop poking around down there like its fucking playdough! Here <grabs hand> the holes there OK?

Ermm sorry… AGAIN. <Cough splutter> damn the hair thing I’m gonna need to get a glass of water. Hold that thought. Where’s the kitchen?

Big_boy Arrhhh Ahhhh, I,… I… my mind is spinning it feels so good. Your head bobbing on my cock, I feel like I’m going to explode and push you away before I flood your gorgeous mouth with my cum. I wriggle up your body and look deep in your beautiful eyes before I slowly enter you. I’m full and large so I’m slow and careful. I watch your eyes to see the pain/pleasure I pass that spot….we are one.

You were gone a long while I thought you forgot me?

No the glasses in the cupboard were not arranged very well so whilst I was there I sorted them in order, wine, spirits, highball and tumbler. You’ll find them much easier now…

You arranged the glasses whilst I’m here with my tits out and my legs spread?

Ermm yea well just whilst I recovered from the coughing fit…

Look maybe we should give up…

Take_me_now Ohhh god, you know me so well. I wrap my legs around you and pull you in deep. Plunging you into me so you can take me, and take me. So you can make me yours.

No, no…. really I’m OK now, hey maybe we could just do ‘it’ now, that’d be good. Pleaasseee?

Can we just get on with this then…. please <mutters> Moron!

Big_Boy. Ahh its so good. I can feel you pulse against my cock as you come and feel the wetness of you. I rear up and pin you down driving my cock into you deep and hard, aware of nothing, knowing of nothing but you. Being one with you! I’m cumming. O.. I’m coming ahhhhhh ahhh ahhhh Spurting hard filling you with hot cum

Ermm Sorry again… I have to stop… all that water I have to pee… back in a sec.


Ok I’m back, that was and odd toilet seat… is it wicker or something…?

Take_me_now YES Yes, do me, do it now… Fill me up. My tummy muscles are spasaming and it feels like it will not stop. Ohh yes… yes… Oh god hard… ohh
Wicker.? Ohmigod.. Which door did you go through?

2nd On left down the hall…

That’s the store, you just pissed in the laundry hamper asshole!

Ohh god, I’m really sorry I took my contacts out for the sex……

Big_boy Thanks TMN that was fabulous how was it for you?

I was awesome! Nailed it.

Take_me_know Ohh boy! Mindblowing the best ever..

Fuck off you’re a waste of air

Big_boy Thanks <g> See ya.

Shit my mom just got home and I have to clear up these tissues

Take_me_now Ok Bye.

Damn hubbies home I don’t have time to finish flicking the bean!

Hey i said it was different !


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